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Tuesday, 22 March 2022

November 1990 Pt. 10 Birth of a Fan Club.

 The Newsletter Pole  of the 27th. November 1990.

"In answer to many requests from fellow-members, it is the club's

 intention to produce a NEWSLETTER early in the new year.”

Editorially it is proposed to contain NEWS of:- Video hardware,

 types of Japanese consoles, new releases on Video, new Japanese

 comics in the UK and interesting aspects of Japanese culture.  Names

and addresses of International Pen pals and Clubs will also be


It is our hope that there will be a lot of member-participation, so

now's your big chance!  

And also let us know what else you would like to see in YOUR Newsletter.

Please complete the pole below, detach and return just as soon as 

possible, - and let's look forward to an animated 1991.



[NOTE THIS WOULD HAVE GONE OUT TO AT LEAST 16 MEMBERS (as of Nov 1990) (Membership code numbers RM102 to NE117).]

Returns from the Newsletter Pole (November \ December 1990)

The Newsletter Pole asked:-

"I could supply artwork relating to manga\Anime subjects YES/NO"

"I could write about manga/Anime YES/NO"

"I could contribute to a letters page YES/NO"

"I would have no objection to my name, address and interests being published in the Newsletter. 

(if you would rather not just say so.)

"I would like to see Articles/Reviews on"_______________ 

The feedback;

(RM102) = Iczer, Guiver, VCR's, Animation

(AR105) = Video hardware, consoles, videos, comics, clubs, magazines, Plus Culture.

(JL113) = Japanese Kung-Fu cartoons, and Wars cartoons.

(JH115) = any new animated films, and features on British and American animation.

(AJ110) = Video hardware, consoles, Anime.

(AC111) = Japanese consoles, New releases on Video\comics

(JO108) = New manga, plus more on established titles (e.g. Crying Freeman)

(RG112) = Video games, Feature films, beginners Guide to Anime

(SP114) = the techniques, materials and qualifications to be a Cell animator.

[NOTE: It would be designed on paper, with pencil and pen, and "pritt stick" glue, and scissors. A real Copy\Cut and Paste.]

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