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Thursday 31 March 2022

February 1991 Pt. 8 British Magazine publications.

 British Magazine publications, with Manga and Anime news!

[NOTES: Advertisement on p.036 of SPEAKEASY, issue 117, February 1991: a half page sized Poster for the “EXCLUSIVE UK PREMIERE RUN FROM JANUARY 25 ICA CINEMA” (the Mall, London SW1) of 'AKIRA'.]

[SIDE-NOTES: Advertisement on Page 10 of SPEAKEASY: “Rusty Staples & SPEAKEASY present... The SPEAKEASY NEWSLINE. * (0898) 777007 THE ONLY NUMBER A COMIC FAN NEEDS! * All the latest comic news updated every Wednesday* Calls are charged at 38p (pence) per minute (peak rate) 25p per minute (off peak)”.]

[SIDE-NOTES: Advertisement on Page 12 of SPEAKEASY: GLASGOW91 The Glasgow Comic Art Convention 1991 – March 23/24 1991 City Hall, Candleriggs Glasgow. SPECIAL EVENTS: Awards; “UK Comic Art Awards” and the “SPEAKEASY Reader's poll”; Fundraising Auction; Costume Parade.]

[NOTES: Advertisement on p.022 of SPEAKEASY, issue 118, March 1991: a quarter page sized Poster for Anime-Day.]

Kim Newman reviews “JETSONS – THE MOVIE” (Screen edited by Mark Kermode p. 016-017).

[NOTES: Advertisement on p.042 of SPEAKEASY, issue 118, March 1991: a half page sized Poster for the “AKIRA FILM TOUR AND SELECTED REGIONAL VENUES MARCH-MAY Contact ICA CINEMA” (the Mall, London SW1).]

[SIDE-NOTES: FANTAZIA – The definitive superhero magazine (magazine) issue 9 – Article: MANGA (manga reviews) AKIRA P.0? February 1991 ??.]

[SIDE-NOTES: FANTAZIA – The definitive superhero magazine (magazine) issue 9 – Article: FILMS (film reviews) AKIRA P.0? February 1991 ??.]

Full page back cover advertisement for 'AKIRA' (complete version – English subtitles)

Magazines were the Wikipedia of the Day!

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