Taylor and McKenna 1983


Space Voyager magazine 1984


With thanks to Ashley MekTek was my first UK Fanzine back in the late 80's



Gumdam VHS in PAL from Hong Kong.

Found 2 out of 3 books from my old Gundam collection!

 I remember when this hit the Art-House Cinimas!
Fandom in Italy.
First showing of AKIRA May 1991, Leicester's 'Phenix Arts' Cinema (sadly no longer with us).
My neighbour Totoro, dubbed on VHS Video tape (NTSC) 1994.
AKIRA, need I say more!
Five Star Stories & ....... (the name escapes me!)

From the Manga and Anime "Area 88" 
More Anime in the UK!

Model toys came in Kit form!
Still not made this Model (still boxed).

A free VHS Case from Newtype magazine.
Same free paper case from Newtype Magazine.
Fist published in 1983, this long overdue collectable to my bookshelf is the 2012 issue, with added forward written in 1997.
Something new to read from the UK, 2013's "Anime a History"
Grey, After seeing a poster and finding out I'd missed all the issues (in the 1980's), the diary size Volumes where a great boon!
1987 and 1989  Star Blazers (I need to find more of these), helped the American Anime Fandom get off the ground. R.I.P.  Edward Hawkins April 23 2014 , one of the earliest enthusiasts of Yamato & Anime fans of the U.S.A.
Jason Waltrip an America Artist ridding the wave of the popularity of Japanese Manga.
Story & ART & Cover by Ben Dunn.
These freebies came with the Newtype Magazine, if you remember!
I have found quite a few of these Cassette Labels.
You should all know what these are from!?
The odd little ID-card sneeks in....
Oh. look more Labels!
Even Animedia did them!
How many of you remember this from 1994?
Some Postcards, from...?
Postcards & cards from...?
Postcards By Wil Overton (Super Play Magazine).
 TOBIKAGE Poster from an Anime Magazine (Mid 80's).
SPT_LAYZNER Poster from an Anime Magazine (Mid 80's).
Yoshihisa Tagami's illustrations from the manga "GREY" from the mid 80's. Arrived from japan July 2014 thank you Brian!


  1. Oh I like that Robotech Changer the 'Trigon' was that part of the original Robotech or just the comic offshoot - Defenders?

  2. Hello Adam.R,
    It is from "Dimension Century Orguss" and one of Revell's model kits from its 1985 “Robotech Changers” series of kits. It was not in the short lived comic book entitled “Robotech Defenders”, and it was Revell that owned the trademark “Robotech" before anybody else! I hope this clears things up.