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Wednesday 30 March 2022

January 1991Pt. 8 British Magazine publications.

 British Magazine publications in the 90's.

How we got the news, about Manga and Anime;

STARBURST - Britain's Premier Science Fiction Magazine.

[NOTES: Payne, Stephen (January 1991), STARBURST – Britain's Premier Science Fiction Magazine.(150 ed.), United kingdom: Published by Visual Imagination, Distributed by Comag p. 003.]

STARBURST Issue 150 February, printed 17th. January 1991 pages 50-51.


[NOTES: STARBURST (magazine) issue 150 February issue (Volume 13 Number 6 ISSN:0955-114X), – Convention Corner: This is a free service to convention organizers all over the World. p.050 January 17th. 1991. “ANIME-DAY Japanese Animation, 9th. March 1991, The Update Centre Cost £10 Write to: Anime-Day, c/o Sheffield Space Centre, 33 The Wicker, Sheffield, S3 8HS.”]

ANIME-DAY Japanese Animation, 9th. March 1991.

Next issue of STARBURST 151. Published on the 21st. February 1991, (March issue).

As STARTBURST was widely available to newsagents as well as specialist hobby stores, I would think that this is the FIRST the general public would read about the convention "Anime-Day" (17th. January 1991). 

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