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Sunday, 28 August 2016

June 1990 Pt.1 Mangajin Magazine

Mangajin Magazine
Consisting of 80 pages (including front & back covers), with a Cover price of $4.50. Mangajin was Distributed by KINOKUNIYA BOOKSTORES (in the U.S.) & was available in Japan through SEKAI SHUPPAN KENKYU CENTRE (Tokyo) First (Pilot) Issue Volume 1 #1 Printed June 1990, start of print run August of 1990. Last issue published Volume 7 #70 November\December 1997. Mangajin was published 10 times a year, Monthly except for January and July each year.
Editor & Publisher Vaughan Paul Simmons (Based in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.)

The Mangajin Project (as its Editor refers to it) issue one is such an oddity of a point in time when interest in Japan went a little deeper, from a fascination of modern Japanese business practises, and it's almost unknown alien culture to that America. With Hollywood movies like “Black Rain” staring Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia, and Yusaku Matsuda that was only released in September of 1989 in America still fresh in people's minds.

A magazine aimed at helping those interested in the Japanese language, studying both its politeness and slang, alongside what business tourists may want to add to their understanding.

I have only included a few samples of what you would find within the pages of Mangajin from my own view as someone that appreciates all aspects Japanese manga, in the hope it will spark a search for knowledge in you the reader.

[NOTE: By the late 90's Mangajin had ceased being published, it did have a presence on the Internet, sadly that too is now in the past - using the Internet's Archive Way-back machine you can discover the WASABI BROTHERS Trading Company run by....]

The Contence page (just look at the variety, and the scope).

A few words from the Editor.....

Supporting Advertisement from VIZ COMICS, showing popular Translated Managa of the past few years.

How to make Sushi.

Tanaka-Kun (Salary-man) by Hiroshi Tanaka.

What's Michael? by Makoto Kobayashi.

 HOTEL by Shotaro Ishinomori 
(better known in the West for his Anime 'Cyborg 009' and his creation of live-action series 'Kamen Rider' ).

If you lived in 'Los Angeles', 'New York', or 'San Francisco' you had access to a Kinokuniya Bookstore, and a copy of mangajin.

Supporting Advertisement from ECLIPSE INTERNATIONAL and featuring a production from STUDIO PROTEUS (the translation company founded by Toren Smith).

Your Janpanese vocabulary at a glance!

The future of Mangajin, what's coming next!?

Not only does West meet East, but now you know that the city of Atlanta, is the birthplace of CocaCola, is also the birthplace of Mangajin.

[Note; a 7 year old link may still work if you are looking for resources mangajin ]

{Note: I did not have a subscripion to this magazine, but chose to pick it up at Comic-book stores around England in the early 1990's, it may have been months or even years before an issue would get to the UK.]

Thursday, 18 August 2016

May 1990 Pt.7 Anime Kyo UK

Anime Kyo UK

This Page is under continued development, and its Links will be updated from time to time. 

A continuing fact page will also be updated.
A time of 'Pen and Paper', a time of ' Scissors & Pritt Stick glue', when Photocopiers re-sized Artwork and printed whole Fanzines, who knew Desk-Top-Publishing was done on a table or on the floor?!

Birth of a Fan Club     (March 2015)

NEXT; by the end of June 1990  (New. August 2017)

Having found paperwork from my Anime club, and personal letters of correspondence from my old Pen-pals, as well as the month of May being the time when I was having treatment for Cancer, I will have to make a great deal of effort to show the transition from Novice Anime Fan and consumer of all things Anime, to an enabler, connecting Fans far an wide, to a founder of a local Anime Club that developed beyond its Shire borders.

Dated August 2016, August 2017

Post 77 American Fandom

And now another break from the chronology of the past.
I thought you would all like to know that with a road-trip up to Sheffield Arena on Saturday 13th. Of August 2016 I attended the “FILM & COMIC CON Sheffield” run by Showmasters, just on the off chance of picking up some old Translated manga from the 80's and 90's (they are in the same format & style as any American imported comic-books, not like modern Manga that is in the Diary format).!

Out of the six or so stalls that sold manly DC & MARVEL comic-books, one would have ten random issues of manga, and one of those was now to replace a lost comic-book that many a UK Anime and Manga fan would have read back in 1989, if remembering it for its 'Letters Page'.


Book3 Volume 2, September,1989

American Appleseed Cover painting by Adam Warren

American Appleseed Logo designed by Tom Orzechowski

Editor Fred Burke

Editor-in-Chief Catherine Yronode

Publisher Dean Mullaney

English translation by Studio Proteus

The Letters Page.

For what I am so thankful for is a comic-book fan Dan White writting to the Editor Fred Burke, and that his letter about the cost of Anime (on VHS) was published in the Letters Page.

[NOTE: The reply was signed Toren Sez, with the tone of someone who knew the industry in Japan, could this have been Toren Smith founder of Studio Proteus and supporter of Comic-Con giving his insight?]

[NOTE: These two American Anime Fan Clubs (Earth Defence Command, Anime Hasshin) would be an early part of my own Nexus into a wider Fandom, linking me with other Fans in the UK and forever changing my life.]