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Sunday 25 March 2018

July 1990 Pt.5 Anime Hasshin

Anime Hasshin's 'The Rose' Volume 4 No.22 Published Bimonthly by Anime Hasshin. 20 pages $2.50 (6 for $12) Editor Lorraine Savage.

Interview with Toren Smith (Studio Proteus),
Orange Road,
Megazone 23 & Mellowlink songs,
anime in Britain

Published Bimonthly, so that is roughly 8 weeks between one issue falling from our post-box at home to the next exciting issue (being overseas, you could add a few days to the arrival).
Submissions had to arrive before the 2nd. Friday of the month (being the odd numbered month) before the next issue, Friday the 8th. June was this issue's deadline, and September 14th for the next. In addition to this the post could take 7 Business days, but more likely 2 to 3 weeks for overseas.

[NOTE: That's 80,640 minutes or 1,344 hours or about 56 days = 2 Months. How's that for an Internet speed!]

Front cover art by John Lam

Editor's Notes by Lorraine Savage

Editor's Notes by Lorraine Savage

Anime Hasshin's 'The Rose' was always eagerly awaited, and much loved whenever it arrived through the letterbox. It was a hub of information, and a big part of the Anime & Manga Pen-Pals that corresponded though it, more like a family than just a paper-based network.

 NEWS OVAs and Translated Manga and Anime releases and Anime clubs.

 NEWS OVAs and Translated Manga and Anime releases and Anime clubs.

 Part one of the Toren Smith interview by Lorraine Savage.

Amine in Britain & UK fans meet at Eastcon '90 in Liverpool by
 Carlo Bernhardi 
(One of the very few times that I am in print. 
It truly was exciting times.)

[NOTE:APA stands for Amateur Press Association a compilation of fiction, and at times help guides on art and writing by fans that is put together and printed (Before the World Wide Web, before bulletin boards, and affordable self-publishing, before Blogs) then mailed (posted) out to all those that contributed pages.]

[NOTE: “Endless Road Apa” the new APA for all things animated was started this July (1990), and looked after by Dan Kellaway being the central mailer.]  

[NOTE: Page 20's Personals Ads. featured the UK's Helen McCarthy asking “American anime fans who want British pen pals should write.” She will print your name and address in a British anime zine.]

[NOTE: contents; page 1, Front cover art by John Lam; pages 2-3, Editor's Notes by Lorraine Savage; page 4, Article on BAOH by Dan Durkin; pages 5-6, NEWS OVAs and Translated Manga and Anime releases and Anime clubs; page 7, Part one of the Toren Smith interview by Lorraine Savage; page 8, Comic review on HOROBI by Lester Swint; page 9, Manga review Alien Crash & Lucky Route Runaway by John Ott; page 10, Amine in Britain & UK fans meet at Eastcon '90 in Liverpool by Carlo Bernhardi; page 11, Review of the Orange Road Movie by Tsao Sheng-Te;

page 14, Song Lyrics – translated by Steve Chaney & Maria Mutsuko-Warner; page 15, BOOK Review – Inside the Robot Kingdom by Lorraine Savage; page 16, Mini Synopses – from the Laser Disc Trading Organisation ( ) ; page 17, Game Review – Anime: The Arcade Game by David Moisan; page 18, New Member (10) List & Membership Update (2) list; page 19, List of Fanzines & member's Birthdays; page 20, Classifieds & Personals Ads. And Clubs.]


  1. Ah, Anime Hasshin! I had a subscription to them before I went off to Korea. How we miss them!

    1. Ah! That's how we got the news about Anime & Manga, and found Pen-Pals too!