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Tuesday 3 April 2018

July 1990 Pt.6 Console Ma'zine

Console Ma'zine issue 14. JULY 1990  - Edited and photocopied by Onn Lee, (Monthly).

[NOTE: The issue had 12 single-sided\photocopied pages, not double-sided printing - that may have been the technology of the day.]

July's issue may not have any reviews of anime linked games for the month, but with all the early Japanese video games consoles being imported in to the UK at that time, and with the news that the Sega Megadrive would be getting a UK release, this was just as new and exciting as the parallel of the Anime & Manga Fan scene.

Yes! It's the Front Cover.


There was a interesting report entitled 'The 16 Bit computer' (Showvictoria, London 29th of June to 1st. July) on page 7 by Marc Foord, on this verging video game market. One comparison you can make to today's market, is the cost of what was a niche hobby with the NEO GEO games system that was reduced to £395 down from £450 (that is close to £1,000 in today's money), and the games were a snip at £200 each. Well out of the reach of most twentysomethings!

Atari lynx game console's news from the USA was that there was a Arcade conversion of the popular Video Arcade game Rampage (Now a motion picture in 2018, Oh how times have changed!).

 Japanese Games, and imported video game consoles.  

[NOTE: Raven Games was a retail computer games / console company based on the outskirts of central London. We were established in 1988 starting from a simple bedroom business in Bromley Kent in the U.K selling products via mail order. There were only a few companies around at that time in the U.K who sold the same imported products as us. The PC Engine from NEC, SNK's Neo Geo and the then brand new imported Japanese Sega Megadrive were the hottest new consoles around at that time! Following successful advertising campaigns in monthly magazines such as Ace, The Games Machine and the weekly New Computer Express, Raven Games soon outgrew the small bedroom due to queues of customers at the front door most weekends! (Remember this was the days before the internet!).]

[NOTE: "purchasing power" £450 in 1990 has the same "purchasing power" as £991.89 in 2018. - £200 in 1990 has the same "purchasing power" as £440.84 in 2018. - £35 in 1990 has the same "purchasing power" as £77.15 in 2018. ]

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