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Saturday 17 March 2018

July 1990 Pt.4 'PC Engine Fan' Magazine

PC Engine Fan - First Published in 1988 by Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co. Consisting of 108 pages (including the front & back covers), Published Monthly #7 July 1990 (Volume 3),390 Yen.

[NOTE: The 'PC Engine Fan' magazine was part of a few Japanese magazines that concentrated exclusively the home market of the NEC's video game consoles, and was devoted to the PC Engine. A compact and superior 8bit video game console, that evolved in a modular fashion, known for its slim credit-card sized games, and what is more it would have the first console games on CD-ROM, with high quality CD audio.]  

Wow! I'd almost forgotten I had any Japanese PC Engine magazines from 1990. Not only was it that it had Cel-like artwork on the front cover, much like Anime industry, but featured many video games that were Anime tie-ins much to my delight. 

Again not being able myself to translate the Japanese details of the contents of this magazine, what you get is solely from the few English words and the identifiable artworks and illustrations of tie-ins and popular games, but looking back this was full colour, and was just as powerful as static linked web-pages showing me a wider World, as even a 1990's video gamer the NEC's PC Engine was even more niche and underground than your average Anime and Manga fan in the UK.

Cover Cel-like art from  'The Legend of A Fantasm Soldier III'.

 The Grey PC-Engine, with the Supper CD-ROM System, and Stereo add-on. 

 The Contents page (for you to translate if you like.)

'Urusei Yatsura - Stay with You',  better known as LUM
(game title to be added..!)

 Urusei Yatsura,  better known as LUM
(game title to be added..!)

 From the OVA 'Far East of Eden'.

Is this from an Anime ?

Advert for  'The Legend of A Fantasm Soldier III'
(not an Anime, but with animation Cel like artwork).

Adverts for.............??  

Adverts for  'Sol Bianca' & 'Cyber City OEDO 808'

 Adverts for  

New games Coming soon. 

 Ranma 1/2

The Back cover with an advert for ' Ghosts and Ghouls'.  
Probably the best Arcade conversion for the PC Engine next to 'Street Fighter II'.

Truly the NEC's PC Engine was even more niche and underground than your average Anime and Manga fan in the UK in the late 1980's and early 1990's, but it too had its Fandom, and those interests did overlap for many Fans.

[NOTE: I still have the first 'The Legend of A Fantasm Soldier' on CD-ROM.]

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  1. Hi. Not sure if you can help but I'm looking for a print ad for 'Ninja Spirit' which was featured in one of the PC Engine Fan magazines. I believe it would have been in either June or July 1990 and I see in this post you have July 1990. If the ad is in the magazine would you mind getting either a high resolution photo or scan of the ad page for me? Thanks in advance for your help.