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Wednesday 28 February 2018

July 1990 Pt.3 Newtype Magazine

'Newtype' #7 July 1990. - the moving pictures magazine'. Published monthly by Kadokawa Shoten. Consisting of 180 pages (including front & back covers), 410 Yen.

Again what I have uploaded is a small percentage of July's Newtype magazine, so as to compare it with other Japanese Animation magazines of that month or year, to see its variety, and the Ads. too.

Deedlit from 'Record of Lodoss War'
and 'Back to the future 3'

It's the Contents page.

Newtype still having serialised Manga; Marionette Generation (on pages 51 - 58 (7 pages); and Yotoden (on pages 103 - 122 (19 pages)).
Five Star Stories by Mamoru Nagano.(pages 59 -63  an Article only).

'Marionette Generation' by Haruhiko Mikimoto.

'Marionette Generation' by Haruhiko Mikimoto.

'Yotoden' by Takeshi Narumi & Kenichi Ohnuki.

'Yotoden' by Takeshi Narumi & Kenichi Ohnuki.

Gundam F90 (F91?)

'Record of Lodoss War' (OVA).

'Record of Lodoss War' (OVA).

'Record of Lodoss War' (OVA).

 Summer Anime Fashion.
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.

 Summer Anime Fashion.
Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato.

Summer Anime Fashion.RG VEDA by CLAMP.

 (Left) 'Heaven and Earth' Directed by Haruki Kadokawa.

 'Heaven and Earth' Directed by Haruki Kadokawa.

Gaia Gear 
written by Yoshiyuki Tomino
mechanical design by Ito Mamoru

Music Ads.

Music Ads.  And

 ? ? ?
Gall Force 2 & Iczer 3.

Armored Trooper VOTOMS
& 'Far East of Eden' (OVA).

 Even in the 90's japan was ahead of the West in portable technology!
and 'Yamato 2'  and 'Utsunomiko'.

It's not all Full Colour pages.... 

Fukuyama Gekijou: Natsu no Himitsu  - My Father the Mouse.

Fukuyama Gekijou: Natsu no Himitsu  - The Mysterious Fairy.

 Fukuyama Gekijou: Natsu no Himitsu  - Kuro.

Fukuyama Gekijou: Natsu no Himitsu
from the manga of Keiko Fukuyama.

 Audio-Cassette (Audio Recording Tape) Equipment.

  'Black rain' & 'BATMAN' (out on VHS)
Carol (OVA)

 D.I.Y. Model making.

"We are Gamers"
All your 8Bit Video Games

 S-VHS...... (High Tech stuff)
The Five Star Stories.

 Patlabor Model Kits (it's a Hobby!)
Animation College -


Shuten Doji (OVA) 

'Heaven and Earth' Directed by Haruki Kadokawa.

Carol (OVA)


[NOTE: Fukuyama Gekijou: Natsu no Himitsu  Was several short animated mini-stories based on the short stories and four-panel manga of Keiko Fukuyama, including My Father the Mouse, The Rabbit Brothers, Summer Secret, The Mysterious Fairy, How Very Strange, and Kuro. - Thank you Jonathan Clements.]


  1. Cool stuff! I recognise the cover so I think I might have it knocking about somewhere.

    1. Rick, you should show that old stuff the light of day.... Look it out sometime Lad.

  2. Very interesting scans here! I got rid of all my old Newtypes etc. years ago...

    1. I only collected them for about 5 years, back then. A few are missing.

    2. Philip, do you have and UK photos of Anime Cons?