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Wednesday 30 April 2014

February 1990 Pt.4 Manga

Another newcomer for February was a comic-book adaptation that was taken from the Japanese animated film Lensman: Secret of the Lens. unfortunately I do not have any of these comic-books, only some promotional ads.

Lensman. Written by Paul O'Connor, and illustrated by Tim Eldred & Paul Young with cover art by Jason Waltrip, published 6 issues in a monthly format, form February 1990 to October 1990, by Eternity Comics. The novels were originally serialised in 1934 to1947 and then published from 1948 to1954

“Inheriting the mysterious Lens – a mystical device of incredible power – young Kim Kinnison and his friends are enlisted in the crusade against the evil Boskone Empire.” You would be forgiven in thinking that the origin story seems a little bit familuar, for those of you that read DC comic-books, the 'Green Lantern' and the 'Green Lantern Corps' have simualarities that run in parallel with Kim Kinnison's story as a Lensman in my opinion!
[Note: In an exclusive arrangement with Harmony Gold (Robotech II: Sentinels) Eternity comics was very proud to present this English adaptation.]

[Note: The 60 page 'Collector's edition' Lensman: Secret of the Lens, would include all new artwork by Eldred and a guide to the Galactic Patrol and evil Boskone Empire, with a full colour cover by Doug Rice (of Dynamo Joe & Manhunter fame!).]

[Note:With “Harmony Gold U.S.A”. Providing the licensing from the Japanese animated film & TV series that then was based on Edward E. Doc. Smith's first 6 science fiction novels of Lensman.]

[Note: The full length animated feature (Lensman: Secret of the Lens) was dubbed by Harmony Gold USA in 1988, this was then re-dubbed by Streamline Pictures for a theatrical release in1990 for a more mainstream cinematic audience.]

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