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Tuesday 8 April 2014

February 1990 Pt1.

Now moving into February bringing 'EastCon 90' that little bit closer, and with it putting faces to names.

In my quest to find more information I did write to the Embassy of Japan in London (I thought that this was quit brave of me at the time, as I was only a young Gaijin), and the reply was very quick, I found the three company addresses they did find for me was a start, but for the error of my gender in the letter, it was most satisfactory.

[Note: Getting a reply in six days from an Embassy was good going, of course now a days Internet search-engines get you more detailed information in six seconds! you lucky sods!!]

Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co.
Was one of the biggest entertainment publishers in the late 80's, with magazines such like 'Animage' & 'PC Engine Fan' which were known to me.

[Note: It has come to my attention that they were the parent company of an animation studio 'Studio Ghibli' quite well known in the West now.]

Is consider to be the largest publisher in Japan. In its repertoire of magazines, books, and Manga, many of the novels and manga published by Kodansha have gone on to be adapted to Animé.

Now considered to be the third largest toy maker in the World, with toys, model kits, and Video games, as well as a producer (capital funding) and sponsor of Anime.

[Note: I remember it being said “that every household in Japan has at least one 'Gundam' model kit”, way to go Bandai.]

[Note: The power of such a large toy manufacture when sponsoring the production of an Anime series, point in case “Aura Battler Dunbine”.  Mecha (Giant robots) were added in to a fantasy setting, so toys and model kits could be sold as merchandise.]

I have yet to find any old letters to these companies, or their replies, but you never know what you might find in the bottom of a box.

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