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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

February 1990 Pt2a. Newtype Magazine

The first example I will use to briefly show you the contents and style, as a photographic record of a Japanese Anime Magazine from the 1990's is...
'Newtype - the moving pictures magazine'. Published monthly by Kadokawa Shoten. Consisting of 180 pages (including front & back covers), #2 February 1990.

The front cover illustration is by Tetsuo Aoki, and depicts a character? from?

As I can not myself translate the Japanese details of the contents of this magazine, are solely from the few English words and the recognizable animation stills, and illustrations (that suited me just fine back in the 1990's). Luckily for me the 'Contents Page' always had plenty of English words.

[Note: On Page 21, has an article on 'The Hakken-Den', and on page 95, 'SFX-Movie' has an article on the Film 'Zipang'.]

What I looked forward to was seeing all the different styles of Manga and Japanese animation depicted with in the pages.

Newtype had three serialised Manga (most other magazine only had one or two); Five Star Stories (on pages 47 - 61 (14 pages)); Yotoden (on pages 101 - 115 (14 pages)); and Marionette Generation
(on pages 127 - 134 (7 pages).

[Note: More details about these serialised Manga at the epilogue for this year of 1990.]

The 'Anime Headline' pages, and those of the 'Video Soft', as well as the 'THE OFFICIAL ART of ' were a good spot-light on what was up & coming and available in Japan at the time. The 'Newtype ART GALLERY' have you a glimpse as to what the Japanese Fans liked and what was popular (Newtype's editor's choice, me thinks!). 

'Video Soft'
 'Newtype ART GALLERY'

Plenty of adverts could be found for VHS Tapes, and Laser Disks, as well as Colleges and Academies to teach you how to draw comic-books and do animation, but not all the pages where glossy colour, many of these thin pages were just 'Black & White' making up the bulk of the magazine (sometimes with pages inserted of a different size). 

 [Note: The March issue above of Newtype is to show scale.]
Best of all was the Freebies every month that came with the magazine, One giant fold-out Poster, VHS Video cassette covers, Audio cassette covers, a Calendar, a yearly Diary, Postcards, Mini Poster collections, and mini collections of manga to name a few!!

Well that's it for this pictorial review of the Newtype magazine!

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