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Thursday 3 October 2013

Manga in the 80's Pt. 7

Justy (Cosmo Police). Written and illustrated by Tsuguo Okazaki. Viz published 9 issues in a biweekly format, from December 13, 1988 and April 4, 1989.and with Dave Smeds was the English rewriter, and Translated by Satoru Fujii. Originally published by Shogakukan. Inc.

These tales of science fiction feature 'Justy Kaizard', a guardian of the innocent and pursuer of the guilty, who as a member of the Galactic patrol hunting down criminal Espers (those with extraordinary psychic powers). He himself has such formidable powers that he wears a head-band to focus and control his abilities as well as limit them!

A Super-human in a futuristic World is a Japanese archetype seen often in Manga and rivals any Marvel or DC cop in Western comic-books!

[Note: in Issue 7 that has a letters page: “after 3 years of running as a monthly manga, it was made into 5 volumes”, and its target audience was 6 to 11 year olds ( Junior High school). Dave Smeds the english rewriter made a few name changes such as Jerna's Japanese surname “Flarestar” inverted to “Starflare”.]

[Note: I am a big fan of the OVA (animé) of Cosmo Police Justy (released in Japan1985) luky I had a synopsis to read at the time.]

[Even such a short run of only 9 issues, but by issue 2 fans were encouraged to write-in and suggest a name for the 'Letters Column', and winning title was “Brain Waves”.]

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