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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Manga in the 80's Pt. 10

We also had stand alone issues of Manga released as one-offs at the end of the 80's, and Go Nagai's Iconic “Mazinger” was one to get.
Mazinger. Written and illustrated by Go Nagai. Published by First publishing Inc. in December 1988. The manga was originally published by Dynamic publishing Inc.1988.

From the 70's and 80's to this day the World of Go Nagai and his beloved creation Mazinger live on. Now we see in full colour this manga styled graphic novel, as each panel and page are an art peace in themselves (looking to be painted in Acrylic and Oil paint) this adds to the fantasy of science fiction, inspired by one of the tales from “Gulliver's Travels” by Jonathan Swift.

 The year is 214X, eight years after the nuclear war and its nuclear winter the ten percent of humanity is split between North & South as the new super powers fight for resources, thus starts the one hundred years war, with war machines of gigantic size!
Our hero young Major Koji Kabuto is flung in to battle in the Combat Robot Mazinger, the masterpiece of the subterranean arsenal. As the battle rages something he is unprepared for happens and the battle shifts, changing his motivation to saving a beautiful woman from the horrors of war!

[Note. Go Nagai is known for his part in the Japanese robot revolution on TV in the 1970's and his reputation for hypersexual psycoviolence (Cutie Honey, and Devilman) changed the manga industry for kids comic-books & comic-strips for that decade and beyond, spawning many Anime tv series.]

[Note. A four page article by Frederick Patten on Go Nagai at the back of this graphic novel is well worth reading.]

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