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Monday, 28 October 2013

Manga in the 80's Pt. 13

Outlanders. Written and illustrated by Johji Manabe. Dark Horse Comics with Studio Proteus published 33 issues in a monthly format, from December 1988 to September 1991 . The manga was originally published by Hakusensha in Comicomi magazine in the mid to late 1980's.

A favourite manga of mine with an engrossing story and appealing art with its character design and organic integrated technology all wrapped up in a space opera.

The invasion of Earth by the galaxy spanning Santovasku Empire's immense living battleships and terrifying ground troops and war beasts, our reluctant hero a Tokyo News Photographer by the name of Tetsuya Wakatsuki is taken as a prisoner by the beautiful (but deadly with a sword) Princess Kahm who has such lovely horns befitting one of Royal blood is the daughter to the Santovasku Emperor!
For a start humans are seen as vermin on this sacred planet and battle fleets of star-ships have been given orders to exterminate the infestation! With such a large Empire of many bipedal races (much like inhabitance of moons of the planet Mongo!) some fish-like (Royal Servant Nao ), and some the pinnacle of feline (Lady Battia) and canine (General Geobalai) evolution I think.

Tetsuya persuades Kahm to save the Earth and all its Human inhabitance and she promises to marry him and take on her father, but others are plotting against her, add to this confrontations between Lady Battia and General Geobalai and family of Royal Servants loyal to the princess you have a space opera with style!

[Note. Toren Smith of Studio Proteus sold the translated manga of Outlanders to the fledgling comic-book company Dark Horse, thus gave them their first manga title and a foot-hold in the newfound market. Such was its importance!]

[Note. 8 Volumes were printed by Dark Horse covering the entire series (of 33) & the one-off specials (dates to be confirmed).]

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