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Monday 15 July 2013

More treasures from comic book stores.

A locally started fanzine from Nottingham was 'Console-Magazine' (edited by Onn Lee), a monthly zine about the newly imported video game consoles, many of the games came from Japanese Manga & Anime, and in a few cases the game was made in to a Manga, and Anime show, so the cross-over of die-hard console gamers would soon become aware of Anime and Manga.

The other source of information in the late 80's and beyond was of course the fledgeling Comic books of translated Manga from such companies as :- Eclipse International, VIZ Comics, Dark Horse, First, and even Marvel comics ( under the trade name Epic Comics).

A few containing snippets and portions information, such as, Writers profiles, a Letters Page (with names & address, and some insight from the publishers), cultural articles by well respected authors and translators, Fan Club details, and of course all had the original authors, Artists, and Japanese publishers (This I would use to my advantage later on).

[Information on American and Canadian Anime fan clubs and pen pals, would be a lifeline and hub for UK fans in finding out more and even being put in touch with other UK fans who may live close by.  [Note: started to find more details here EDC & Anime Hasshin.]

[With so few people owning home computers and having Dial-up access to online information, the written word and the art of letter writing became our super-hiway.]


  1. Cool, I do love a TV game fanzine. Have a little collection of my own from the '90s (but not this one :( ).

    1. The "Console Magazine" later became 'Electronic Brain', and went semi-pro! One of the contributors put together the 'PC-Engine Guide' too!

  2. The original Console Ma'zine become PC Engine Fanatics and then evolved to Electric Brain, which then become semi-pro (was in newsagents for awhile).

    Back in the days when it was hard to find out stuff, this publication was excellent.

    I count myself very fortunate to have the full collection from start, right through to when Electric Brain became mainstream.

    Must get round to getting them all scanned so others can access.


    1. Correction - got it the wrong way round! It was PC Engine Fanatics first of all and then changed to Console Ma'zine.

    2. Hi Andy, Yes could not agree more "Must get round to getting them all scanned so others can access", as the few that I have all falling to bits now! Let me know how that goes, and I will and a link and re-post too.