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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Comic book stores

One good source of information came from independent Comic book stores being in their very nature they imported a lot of Comic books from America, as well as giving an outlet to FanZines from the Canada and the UK, even companies had InfoZines and catalogues for re-marketed and translated Japanese merchandise.

One such source was  'Advance Comics', was a monthly catalogue from 'Capital City' a comic book distribution company (from America’s Midwest) showcasing what's new and up 'n' coming in the world of comic books, toys, and other pop-culture merchandise (from 1980 to 1996).What was on the shelves in America would soon become popular here in the UK. 

Helping me see a wider world!

[I remember ordering Aikra, Lone Wolf and Cub, and Nausicaä t-shirts by Graphitti (based on the comic book's art not any of the films or Anime) from these catalogues.]

[As of July 2016 I now have have one volume of 'Advanced Comics' dated April 1992 (Volume #40), and one volume of 'Previews' dated November 1992 (Vol II. NO.11) published by Dimond Comics Distributors Inc.]

[NOTE: the B&W and gray Advert was scaned from the comicbook 'Appleseed' book3 vol 2 dated September 1989.]

Even the “Unabashed House Organ” for Robotech Role Playing Games “ The Magic of Palladium Books” had a few pages on “How to find Japanese Animation Items” back in 1988!

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