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Thursday 12 December 2013

Comic-books in the 80's Pt. 23

The Original Astro Boy 12. Written by Ken Steacy and illustrated by Ken Steacy & Andrew Pratt - (based on characters and situations from The Mighty Atom created by Dr. Osamu Tezuka. 1963). NOW Comics (a division of Now Entertainment Corporation) published in a monthly format for a total of #1 - 20 issues, from August 1987 to April 1989.
In a World of the future where humans co-exist with robots in every walk of daily life, the head of the Ministry of Science Doctor Tenma built Astro to replace his young son Tobio who had tragically died, Astro could love his creator like his real son, so Astro was sold like any other robot (to a circus no less).  Luckily for Astro Professor Ochanomizu, the new head of the Ministry of Science found him and saved him from the cruel circus owner and takes him home to stay with him.
Another kids comic-book from the late 80's “The Original Astro Boy 12”, the series was based mostly on the1963 “The Mighty Atom” Japanese cartoon series of 1963, following the growing pains and human curiosity of the World's most loved Boy robot “Astro”, a self-aware robot boy, helping those in need (robots and people alike) and finding his way in the World.
At the time of the 60's when Japan had not its modern reputation electronics & technology Osamu Tezuka's little robot was at the epicentre of manga & Anime. Be he “Astro Boy” or “The Mighty Atom” to you, he is the child in us, who never grows up!

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