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Monday 9 December 2013

Comic-books in the 80's Pt. 20

Dirty Pair. Written by Toren Smith & Adam Warren and illustrated by Adam Warren - (based on characters and situations created by Haruka Takachiho). Eclipse Comics published in a monthly format for a total of 15 issues, from June 1989 to March 1990 .
The first 4 novels where originally published between 1980 and 1993 in SF Magajin by Tor Books.

[Note:Dirty Pair #1-5 (June 1989 to October 1989) - Dirty Pair II #1-5 (November 1989 to March 1990) - The Dirty Pair (III) #1-5 (April? to August? 1990 ).]

[Note:Dirty Pair book One: Biohazards (a collection collection of the first series), Dirty Pair book Two: dangerous acquaintances (a collection collection of the second series), The Dirty Pair (III): A Plague of Angels (a collection collection of the third series 1990).]

The cry of “It's not our fault!” as the impact of Manga and Japanese cartoons gained a foothold in the US of A, Toren Smith founder and translator at ' Studio Proteus' acquired rights to create comic-book versions of The Dirty Pair in a joint project with Adam Warren who wrote and drew the comic-books (quoting Fred Burke).

This very popular Space Opera that takes place after the year 2138 and follows Two "trouble consultants" agents of the 3WA (World Welfare Works Association), and their fierce cat-like being “Mughi” (an electronics expert among other-things), Kei and Yuri codenamed the “Lovely Angels”, but more commonly referred to as the “Dirty Pair” due to the destruction left in there wake (Some times on a Planetary scale, such is other people's misfortune) after completing their mission.

A fun read!

[Note: they are the creations of Haruka Takachiho, who brought us “Crusher Joe” and in the books at least they are all in the same universe.]

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