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Friday 19 May 2023

May 2023 living with terminal Cancer!

May 2023, I have finally finished working on the 1991's March 9th. Anime-Day (THE UK's FIRST ANIME CONVENTION) blog pgae, with evey bit of printed, or handwritern correspondence, Advertisments, photos, Convention Booklet scans, Pre-Convention Reports, Post Convention thoughts, from attendees, and the organisers.  And with 100 people,  meny of whom where meeting for the first time, and a small core Fandom of Pen-Pals also got to see each other too. I would think that it was about 5/6 of the National total of the UK's Anime Fandom showing up to watch Anime they had not seen before.

March 1991 Pt.1 ANIME DAY – The first Anime convention in the UK

For me, May 2023, has seen its ups and downs regarding my health, but I try to UPload what I can, to the NEW Pages, and discover, photoghaphs and edit, and transcribe (takes more time for a Dylexsic, on top of my illness) the writern word for you to be able to see the Data more clearly. 

Adding to "A Harmony of Robot invaders."  the 1980's timeline....

In March of 1987 the reviewer Phil Fances, in that month's issue of 'White Dwarf Magazine - The Role-Playing Games Monthly' (Issue 87), does use the Word "Anime", but in keeping with a lightharted tone, refers to it as "what the Japanese call their giant robot cartoons", and in both the reviews of 'MEKTON' and its Expantion rule set 'Roadstriker', you can note the phrase "in the best possible taste", that to my mind brings up a 'catch-phrase from comedian Kenny Everett. - Note that the 1980's the Retail and mail order Company 'GAMES WORKSHOP' was quite differant than its post 2000 counterpart, and was a haven for Role playing games, Novels, and War games, of Science Fiction, and Fantasy, and other well known IPs, not just its own games and minitures!

A harmony of robots found in White Dwarf.

[NOTE: So far I have not found any more writings, or advertisements in regards to Anime, or the American games of Battletech or Mekton in the 1980's issues of White Dwarf Magazine.

Other NEW pages for you to visit are focusted on those early Anime Conventions in the UK;

Sheffield's 1992 Anime-Day 0092 con in the pocket. March 7th. - 8th. 1992.
The UK's Second Anime Convetion, and the first Two Day UK Anime Convention.

Birmingham's  ConTanimeT 1992  October 2-4, 1992.  
The First two day Anime to be held in Birmingham, and the third Anime convetion for the UK.

Sheffield's   1993 Anime Day File 3 The Con that bit its tongue. 17-18 April 1993.
The UK's forth Anime Convetion in the UK, and the third Anime-Day (Two day Convention).

Birmingham's ContAnimeTed 1993 October 22-24, 1993.
The second Anime convention to be held in Birmingham, and the fith Anime convetion for the UK, lasting tree days.

Sheffield's  Last  1994 Anime Day: FLASHBACK (Memories of Macross).  4th.-6th. March 1994.
The UK's sixth Anime Convetion; lasting three days and the forth and last Anime-Day.

[NOTE: The Seventh of the UK'S Anime convetion was a ONE Day called AUKcon  February 19, 1994.]

Birmingham's D-CONTAMINET 1994  14th -16th October  1994.
A three day Anime conventions hosted in Birmingham (North, England).
The Eighth of the UK's Anime Convetions, and third being in the ContanimeT series, and lasting three days.

Birmingham's   ReConTanimeTed 1995  3-5 NOVEMBER 1995.
The UK's Tenth Anime Convemtion.  The last of the ContanimeT three day Anime conventions hosted in Birmingham (North, England).

[NOTE: the UK'S Ninth Anime Convention was Minami Con July 21, 1995; a one Day Convention.]


Liverpool's University Science Fiction, Fantasy, Film and Fear Society. Is to beleaved to had hosted a ONE Day Anime convention, on Saturday 18th. june 1994 ? Project L-Kon


The on going new PAGES; timeline-data-facts; This Time-line encludes my own inportant key moments regarding Anime and Manga.


  1. Thank Goodness you're still going! When you hadn't posted for a while I assumed the worst! I hope you know that what you're doing here is really appreciated. Thank you so much for everything you've done to archive a fascinating era of fandom.

    1. @KiddMarine, as of July 2023 I am still going, and post and uploading when I can, to the NEW pages.... I would hope to be around up until November 2023.... Maybe longer who knows! Thank you for your kind words, much apprecated.