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Tuesday 11 April 2023

April 2023 dealing with terminal Cancer!

 April 2023, I am still working on March 9th. 1991 Anime-Day (THE UK's FIRST ANIME CONVENTION), more than a year since my article in NEO Magazine, as I also have been fleshing out the 1980's manga comics books section, and all things AKIRA... and adding new PAGES; timeline-data-facts, Anime Day 0092 Con in the pocket,  all the while dealing with terminal Cancer!

My hope as always is that a talking point is started, in looking back at those early days of being an Anime and Manga fan, either making a comparison, or a fond nostalgic memory.

This March\April (2023), while I have the time, I would like to THANK my friends in Anime, that have supported me, by any means, or that I have bugged!!;

Darren J. Ashmore

(A dear friend, that is across the World by time, who finds the time.)

Rick Cowing

(The fastest gun-slinger of 'likes' to my posts on Facebook, and Chairman of Anime Day)

Lorraine Reynolds & Matt Hewitt

(Greatly helping my mind and thoughts at this difficult time of my life)

Martin Brown 

(YouTube Channel runner, for the sister site of this blog 'Anime Nostalgia Archive UK')

Michael James Brown 

(President of Nottingham's independent Anime and Manga Society NAMSOC, and "Ideas" man.)

Dan from 'Polock Press' 

(cinema event orgaiser, who also pushed out a link to this blog.)

Leah Holmes

( Who took the time to travel up to interview me, about the early days of Anime fandom.)

Helen McCarthy & Steve Kyte

(Anime pen-pals from the late 80's, that have kept in touch, and promoted this blog)

There are many more people to thank, to add to the roll-call, you are not forgotten, as I take each day as it comes, battling and living with this terminal cancer of the larynx.

I have fallen short of getting more evidence from the 1991 to 1995 from UK Magazines, such as;  STARBURST,  FANTAZIA, SPEAKEASY, and COMICS INTERNATIONAL, and Model Mart too, so if you have them, or find links to them, please let me or someone know!!

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