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Thursday 18 August 2016

Post 77 American Fandom

And now another break from the chronology of the past.
I thought you would all like to know that with a road-trip up to Sheffield Arena on Saturday 13th. Of August 2016 I attended the “FILM & COMIC CON Sheffield” run by Showmasters, just on the off chance of picking up some old Translated manga from the 80's and 90's (they are in the same format & style as any American imported comic-books, not like modern Manga that is in the Diary format).!

Out of the six or so stalls that sold manly DC & MARVEL comic-books, one would have ten random issues of manga, and one of those was now to replace a lost comic-book that many a UK Anime and Manga fan would have read back in 1989, if remembering it for its 'Letters Page'.


Book3 Volume 2, September,1989

American Appleseed Cover painting by Adam Warren

American Appleseed Logo designed by Tom Orzechowski

Editor Fred Burke

Editor-in-Chief Catherine Yronode

Publisher Dean Mullaney

English translation by Studio Proteus

The Letters Page.

For what I am so thankful for is a comic-book fan Dan White writting to the Editor Fred Burke, and that his letter about the cost of Anime (on VHS) was published in the Letters Page.

[NOTE: The reply was signed Toren Sez, with the tone of someone who knew the industry in Japan, could this have been Toren Smith founder of Studio Proteus and supporter of Comic-Con giving his insight?]

[NOTE: These two American Anime Fan Clubs (Earth Defence Command, Anime Hasshin) would be an early part of my own Nexus into a wider Fandom, linking me with other Fans in the UK and forever changing my life.]

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