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Thursday, 18 August 2016

May 1990 Pt.7 Anime Kyo UK

Anime Kyo UK

This Page is under construction and continued development (long live the Old Guard).

A continuing fact page will also be updated.
A time of 'Pen and Paper', a time of ' Scissors & Pritt Stick glue', when Photocopiers re-sized Artwork and printed whole Fanzines, who knew Desk-Top-Publishing was done on a table or on the floor?!

Having found paperwork from my Anime club, and personal letters of correspondence from my old Pen-pals, as well as the month of May being the time when I was having treatment for Cancer, I will have to make a great deal of effort to show the transition from Newbie Anime Fan and consumer of all things Anime, to an enabler, connecting Fans, to a founder of a local Anime Club that developed beyond its Shire borders.

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