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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lost Comic-books from the 80's Pt. 24

Star Blazers. Written by Phil Foglio and illustrated by Doug Rice - (based on characters and situations from ' Space Battleship Yamato' credited to Leiji Matsumoto & Yoshinobu Nishizaki ). Comico Comics, published in a monthly format for a total of #1 - 4 issues, from April 1987 to July 1987, and #1 - 5 issues, from May 1989 to September 1989.
This short lived transference from popular television cartoon show 'Star Blazers', an early breakthrough in dubbed Anime that was the heavily edited for America. Taken from 'Space Battleship Yamato', that had an on-going storyline needing to be shown in order.

The Basic plot is set in the year 2199, the Earth is a radioactive dust-bowl thanks to an Alien menace and what's left of the Human race lives in cities deep under ground. At this time Earth scientists have calculated that in one year the radiation will reach fatal levels for all of Humanity, but as fate and luck would have it the earth has a new ally who sends engine blueprints for a faster-than-light Star-drive.

Earth resources are pulled together and the ancient Battleship Yamato is retro fitted and made in to a Space battleship, we then follow the crew on their journey through hostile space hoping to reach their new ally who has technology to clean the Earth of it's radiation.

[Note: I have either misplaced or lost my Comico 'Star Blazers' comics (as of writing this 30th. December 2013), I'll see if they can be found or replaced.]

[Note: In 1982 Comico was founded, and at its hight of popularity in 1985 saw the simultaneous debut release of three Robotech comics series, but sadly to say Comico ceased operations in 1990.]

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