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Wednesday 11 December 2013

Comic-books in the 80's Pt. 22

Speed Racer. Written by Tony Caputo and illustrated by Ken Steacy (later Joe Koziarski & Kyle Hotz) - (based on characters and situations from Mach Go Go Go created by Tatsuo Yoshida (Tatsunoko Productions Inc.). NOW Comics (a division of Now Entertainment Corporation) published in a monthly format for a total of #1 - 38 issues, from June1987 to July 1990 .

Even when you are in your early 20's you can be nostalgic about the little kid you remember who was under ten years old watching Saturday morning cartoons, and Speed Racer was showing, so you pick up that kid's comic-book.
Still riding on the wave of popularity 'Speed Racer' was taken from the Japanese original kids cartoon show 'Mach Go Go Go' (1967) that was re-dubbed in America and aired in the1970's it seems to find a new audience each decade!
A simple tale of exciting race car driving with dangers on and off the track, and a family that sticks together. 

We follow our hero Speed (Speed Racer) as he drives the 'Mach 5', a state of the art race car agenst the odds, supported by his parents Mom Racer & Pops Racer, his cheeky little brother Spritle who with his pet chimp ' Chim-Chim' always got in to mischief , and Speed's girlfriend Trixie. All is not fast cars and fun as we see Speed missing his older brother, Rex who he looks up to. Rex has been secretly helping Speed disguised as the mysterious masked 'Racer X'.

Fun for all the family, from a simpler time.

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