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Saturday 10 August 2013

What you could find!

What could you find in the shops, and how to get items from Japan!
Armed with numerous scraps of information on Artists and Writers of manga, Publishers and Animation studios, and above all else, an inquiring mind, it was time to “let your fingers do the walking” and see who in the Phone Book had a Japanese connection. The London capital is sure to have some shops, and I could always write to the Japanese Embassy

[Telephone Directory (commonly known as “the Phone book”) was a regional book with hundreds of white pages listing individuals and businesses who had phone (land-line) listed in alphabetic order with an addresses. Each city would have held one or two copies of the other cites and counties Phone books in your Central Library]

Back in the late 80's in to the mid 90's London had its far share of Japanese book shops, one that I found was behind St. Paul's Cathedral called 'Books Nippon' (whose parent company was Nippon Shuppan Hanbai) [look it up!], another book shop I encountered was 'OCS Books' (Overseas Courier Service – that did bespoke logistical Worldwide delivery). You could subscribe and have delivered Japanese Anime magazines to your door, and even ask them to hunt down the 'trade paperbacks' of popular Japanese comic books [a must for collectors] if you had enough details for them to go on.

 [remember No online shops, or google to help you get what you were after!].

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