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Monday, 24 June 2013

The Robot invaders.

First there was the was the reconnaissance force (testing the water, so to speak) that landed in British toy shops and Model shops from about 1984 , what was so amazing and revolutionary was the design of these scale model kits, and thus a new Science Fiction toy came branded and packaged from America.

Revell a model kit manufacturer had struck a distribution deal with the Japanese, they hand picked Model kits that tied-in to Japanese cartoon shows the likes of, Fang of the Sun Dougram, Super Dimension Century Orguss,  Super Dimension Fortress Macross, under the new trademarks of “Robotech Defenders” and “Robotech Changers”, these enormous mecha (Mechanised walking war machines) had never been seen on our shores, and came as if out of nowhere, with a previously unimagined realism, for a model toy.

[In the 70's and 80's the hobby of building scale models from kits was an acceptable pass-time for a boy and adolescent alike].

[Printed in error 24/06/2013 :- Crusher Joe kits were not released under Revell's Robotech line.  Thank you Bryan Powell (12\09\2015), I must have been thinking of the Battletech page I was soon to write on the 27\06\2013]

[Crusher Joe Mecha as Battletech Kits:- the “Galleon” Tank  (kept its name for Battletech); the robot scout walker “Ostall” (scaled-up and renamed the Locust for Battletech); the “Harpy” space fighter(Battletech Samurai aerospace fighter ); and the “Siren” space fighter (Battletech Corsair Aerospace Fighter).]

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