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Sunday, 16 June 2013

A new medium of cartoon animation.

My motivation is to instil what it was like to discover a new medium of cartoon animation to a modern Anime Fan (post 2000), and to reunite those memories with the family of fans from a simpler time.

I would like to dedicate this Blog to two pioneers that heavily influenced my fascination with Japanese popular culture –

Toren Smith (April 12, 1960 to March 4, 2013)

Carl Macek (September 21, 1951 to April 17, 2010).

Your choices shaped a whole generation, even outside of the US in falling in love with the pictorial image and animated visuals from Japan.


  1. Without Toren Smith, many of us wouldn't even be manga/anime fans at all. When I started, it was Appleseed and Nausicaa, but quickly followed by Akira, Mai, the psychic girl and many others. Fond memories of this period.

    1. Fond memories, and a world apart the www & internet generation. A time of the joy of discovery and detection with some exploration too. I think we we were so lucky to have Toren's direction, today's Manga & Anime fans must be swamped with choices?!