Video Room

In the late 1980's and early 1990's it was all about the "Video Room", watching this cartoon medium being taken to new heights, it was so exciting! 
From the humble bedroom and living-room (showing your friends), to niche of Science Fiction Conventions' midnight showings, to Community Halls, and University theatres, and the Anime Conventions' Video Room this was at the centre of our hobby Fandom!

[In the months to come I will endeavour to post as many fragments of what fans where watching in those honeymoon days in the UK, before the age of the down-load!] 

[As time goes on this PAGE will also cover our Anime friends in other countries for a comparision, as it's always nice to know what fans are watching across the water.]  

Early American showings at Comic-Con (1989).[You needed the guide, as most of it was in Japanese.]

Friday Aug 4th. 1989
10:00 Open Programming till 12:00
12:00 Aim for the Top:Gunbuster Vol. 2
13:00 Urashiman #26
13:30 Saint Seiya.
13:55 Cosmo Police Justy.
14:40 Urusei Yatsura #1 & #2
15:05 My Youth in Arcadia

18:00 Gall Force: Destruction
18:50 Perfectural Earth Defence Force
19:55 Royal Space Force (Subtitled)
22:00 Area 88 Act II
23:40 Yotoden Part 2
00:20 Fist of the North
Toren Smith wrote the synopsis with Miyako for Lupin III (Albatross: wings of death).

Saturday Aug 5th. 1989
10:00 Open Programming till 12:00
12:00 Sherlock Hound (English)
12:25 Dragon Ball #1
12:50 Black Magic M66.
13:40 F #11
14:10 Ranma ½ #1
14:35 Appleseed
15:45 Urusei Yatsura #41
16:05 Lupin II #145
16:30 Star Blazers #52 ?

18:00 Urusei Yatsura: Concluding chapter
19:30 Gall Force 3: Stardust War
20:35 Robotech II: The Sentinals ?
21:55 Yotoden Part 3
22:40 Grey: Digital Target
00:00 Outlanders
00:50 Vampire Queen Miyu Part 2
01:25 Devil Man: Birth Edition

Sunday Aug 6th. 1989
10:00 Open Programming till 12:00
12:00 Zillion #4
12:25 Urusei yatsura OVA
12:50 Dominion Act 1
13:50 Fire Tripper.
14:40 Rhea Gall Force.
15:40 Madox -01

And in 1990 Comic Con video room was over the 4 days of the Con.

[Toren Smith wrote the synopsis :- Maison Ikkoku, and Fire Tripper (from " A viewers guide to Japanese Animation" with Miyako Graham) that is in this guide.]
[The Guide does not list Subs, so it safe to say that a lot was "raw" Japanese only!]

Thursday Aug 2nd. 1990
11:00:00 Captain Harlock
11:30:00 Zillion #17
12:00:00 Robotech II: The Sentinals
13:20:00 Ranma ½ #1
13:45:00 Ranma ½ #2
14:10:00 Dragon Century
14:40:00 Bubble Gum Crisis Part VI Red Eyes
15:25:00 Urusei Yatsura #50 Soaring Dracula
15:55:00 Aim for the Top:Gunbuster Vol. 1
18:00:00 Project A-ko
19:25:00 Appleseed
20:35:00 Urusei Yatsura '87
21:35:00 Yoma I & II
22:55:00 Zerorymer Part 1
23:25:00 Crying Freeman 1
00:10:00 Fist of the North

Friday Aug 3rd. 1990
10:00:00 Speed Racer
10:25:00 Maison Ikkoku #1
10:50:00 Sherlock Hound
11:15:00 Space Cobra #8
11:45:00 Daicon 3 & 4
12:00:00 Open Programming till 13:30
13:30:00 Ranma ½
13:55:00 Ranma ½
14:20:00 Dominion Act 1
15:00:00 Dominion Act 2
15:40:00 Urusei Yatsura #124 Boy's Bath house
16:05:00 Aim for the Top:Gunbuster Vol. 2
18:00:00 Black Magic M66.
18:50:00 Lupin III: Cagliostro's Castle
20:30:00 Urusei Yatsura Final Chapter
22:00:00 Megazone 23 part II Acts 1 & 2
23:45:00 Boah the Visitor
00:30:00 Crying Freeman 2
01:15:00 Riding Bean

Saturday Aug 4th.1990
10:00:00 Saint Seiya.
10:25:00 Dangaio Part 1
11:10:00 Secret of Blue Water
11:35:00 Whimsical Orange road Hawaiian Suspense
12:00:00 Open Programming till 13:30
13:30:00 Ranma ½
13:55:00 Ranma ½
14:20:00 Dominion Act 3
15:00:00 Dominion Act 4
15:40:00 Urusei Yatsura #162
16:05:00 Aim for the Top:Gunbuster Vol. 3
18:00:00 Perfectural Earth Defence Force High school
19:00:00 Ariel 1
19:30:00 Gall Force: Eternal Story
21:00:00 Gall Force: Destruction
21:50:00 Outlanders
22:40:00 Zerorymer Part 2
23:20:00 Yotoden Movie
00:50:00 Midnight Eye Goku 1 & 2

Sunday Aug 5th. 1990
10:00:00 Ten Little Gall Force
10:30:00 Dangaio Part 2
11:10:00 Secret of Blue Water #2
11:40:00 Fire Tripper.
12:30:00 Urashiman #45
12:55:00 Dragon ball #2
13:25:00 “F” #1
13:50:00 Ranma ½
14:15:00 Ranma ½
14:40:00 The Enemy is the Pirate Vol. 3
15:10:00 Lupin the Third #155: Farewell Dear Lupin
15:35:00 Urusei Yatsura OVA Angry Sherbert

This is all in comparison to the first British Science Fiction Convention Video Room at Easter Con 1990.
 With slots from midnight to 4.30am to 8.00am to mid-day. It was like gorilla tactics to show Anime.

Aura Battler Dundine
Black Magic
City Hunter
Cream Lemon
Crushers (English Dub) [Crusher Joe]
Dirty Pair
Dr. Slump
Five Star Stories
Grey. Digital Target
Hokuto no Ken
Iczer-1 (parts 1,2, &3)
Lupin II
Megazone 23 Part 2
Once upon a Time (English Dub) [Winderia]
Project A-Ko
Robot Carnival
Southern Cross
Space Cobra
Wandering Kids (1,2,& 3)

[Note: Details are taken from my own Con-report published in Anime Hasshin's own magazine "The Rose"  issue 22.]
[Note: Sorry but no time stamp, but you should be able to guess what was shown Very late at night!! ;-)]

Anime Day (1991)

 Fire Tripper  (Fan-Subtitled)
 Grey – Digital target  (Raw Japanese)
 Gundam Movie I  (Raw Japanese)
 Kiki's delivery service  (Raw Japanese)
Dragon Ball (episodes)  (Fan-Subtitled)
Robotech (episodes)  (US Dub)

[NOTE: The 'Japan Centre' came up from london and had a trader's stall selling goodies. At this the first Anime Convention in the UK.]

[Note: Sorry but no time stamp, as I do not recall a Con  booklet or Video room listings for this One Day Mini-Convention. Details have been gathered form correspondence of the time, and are on going.]

[Note: 'Anime Day' was the first dedicated Anime Convention in the UK.  And is fondly remembered by all those who attended.]

[With thanks to Brian F. for adding to this (from a letter back in July 1990).]

When You have spent a day, and gone down to London, to buy a Video Cassette Recorder that can play the Japanese and American formated VHS tapes that is NTSC, and then find out only a few Televisions can handle the composite signal, and you now need to buy a NEW Television... and this is 1991

30th. July 1991 Panasonic 24T1 (32") £449.99
With 2023's inflation that £449.99 of 1991 is equivalent to £1,236.04 today (February 2023) in purchasing power!

Adding to this page, those Company LOGOs from the days of VHS tapes (Pal and NTSC);

'My TV'

'Streamline Pictures'


'AnimEigo' & 'Anime Projects'

'Anime Projects'

'Yamato Video'

'BOOKS NIPPAN US Renditions'
'US Renditions'
'US Renditions'

'Island World'
'Island World Manga Video'

'Manga Video'
'Manga Video'
'Manga Video'

'Anime UK Paradox Films'
'Paradox Films'
'Paradox Films'

'Anime Pioneer'
'Anime Pioneer'








  1. I remember there being a con booklet of sorts for AD1, I can still remember running (literally) from room to room trying to get seats for different showings. Great fun :)

    1. Sadly I have very few things left from AD1, but many of us were asked to bring Videos! So we may have meet all those years ago! Do you still go to the Sheffield Space Centre?

    2. I used to pop into the Sheffield Space Centre on the way up to visit relatives in the NE of E, but that doesn't happen as much as it used to and I no longer have a car so travel by train (which means no Space Centre trips :( ).
      I do remember meeting you and quite a few other fans of yore at the later Anime Days, I was the one who won too many of the masquerades (as they were called then), and retiring after winning three on the trot.
      I seem to remember seeing the unsubbed Five Star Stories movie at AD1 then the subbed version at one of the later cons.
      Oh, I also won the art competition at AD1 with my sketches of Nausicaa. I hadn't even realised there was a competition!

  2. Hey there - I actually worked on the 1989 and 1990 SDCC Anime Guides - I typed up almost the entire thing and did a ton of editing. I can probably answer any questions you might have about those two specific years as I was somewhat involved with the running of the room.