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Sunday 12 April 2020

30th Anniversary for UK Anime Fans

Please join me in celebrating the 30th. Anniversary of the first organised meeting of the UK's Anime Fans. 

Held at the UK's Easter Science Fiction convention EastCon'90 in Liverpool, England. 
Friday 13th  to Sunday 15th  of April.

My thanks go to; Ashley from MEKTEK for sending me flyers for EastCon 90; Steve Kyte for telling us "So get ready for UK Anime Fandom - EASTCON 90 is just the beginning!"; And to Helen McCarthy for her herculean skills in organizing the Video Rooms screening of Anime, and encouragement to the group of Anime Pen-Pals.

Taken from the very first AnimeUK Newsletter, one statement rang out true!

"You're getting this because you were at EASTERCON 90 bar meeting or else have written to me to express an interest in anime fandom in the UK, and since it didn't really exist before EASTERCON you're part of the setup crew!"

"you're part of the setup crew!"

To this day it can still invoke memories of how it felt, like a time of wonderment to so many of us. More new friendships were made, and the Fandom grew.

It would be less than a year later, that the UK would have its very first Anime convention;
'Anime Day' 
held in Sheffield on Saturday 9th of March 1991, but that is another story.

NOTE: As of this posting the UK is in its 3rd week of 'Lockdown' due to the outbreak the Covid-19 Virus  (the Coronavirus World pandemic of 2020). Stay safe, and stay sane.

NOTE: Right, back to 1990 and the months that lay ahead.

NOTE: Con booklet, and paperwork provided by P. Davison (Feb 2021).

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