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Sunday 31 July 2016

About this Blog (post 76)

Much of my free time has been spent in the last few months taking photos and scanning Pen-Pal letters, Fanzines and manga (sometimes stretching from '90 to '92 or even taking the Chronology further in to the future from the past) to record what is left of my collection of mainly 80's and 90's Anime and manga memorabilia, as well as adding to them for cataloguing. I still hope that by tackling the past on a month by month basis an over-all picture will emerge from my observations and recollections, and from the written word.

Blog updates as follows

A small piece of information regarding Convention Video room listings has come to light.

More information on Robotech in the England has been pieced together.

Finding the lost manga of BAOH


The May of 1990 onwards was when I was having treatment for Cancer of the tongue, both Radiotherapy and later surgery and is to this day difficult to write about, and think about that time of my life.

My continued scanning of private Anime Pen-Pal letters (many of whom I have lost touch with over these past 20 to 25 years - writting as of August 2016), to help track how events unfolded in the infancy of the UK's Anime & Manga Fandom has again taken up my time in more ways than one. As I am transported back in time rereading them, I am once again immerse the excitement, hope, and discovery of like-minded people exploring what Japanese animation had to offer, making it all so fresh in my mind 26 years later!

Spending snippets of time when I can, to use the World Wide Web and the Internet to try and reconnect with old friends, I had not prepared myself for the possibility of them no longer being alive. This has taken me aback, and emotional and personal feelings have come forth and slowed my progress in typing this record of the early days of the Fandom as I reflect this.

 You may also see this link from time to time, these pages will be under construction, but accessible !

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