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Wednesday 7 June 2023

Memories of Britian's Anime Boom


June 2023 KINO NO ANIME: Memories of Britian's Anime Boom | Documentary (Mins 45.55)

From the mid 1980's to the early to mid 1990's.

[NOTES: Back at the dawn of the 1990's, anime had only just started to make a major breakthrough into the UK - a time of tape-traders, pen-pals and conventions barely big enough to fill a single room - but it was the start of something bigger.   With voice over provided by one of the original UK fans and president of what was once the biggest anime fanclub in the UK: Carlo Bernhardi tells his stories about what it was like during the fandom's early years and the challenges that came with pursuing such a super-niche hobby.]

[NOTES:  Featuring images from Carlo's own archives as well as clips from shows back in the day, "Kino no Anime: Memories of Britian's Anime Boom" will hopefully give foreign and younger fans a bit of insight into what the UK anime boom of the early 90's was really like.   VOICE OVER PROVIDED BY: Carlo Bernhardi   (Founder of Anime Kyo UK and the Anime Nostalgia Facility blog...).   FULL CREDITS ARE PROVIDED AT THE END OF THE VIDEO.]

[NOTES:   Description (and Objectives), This video channel exists to archive various forms of anime video and image media collected since the early 90's by dedicated UK fan and the original founder of the "Anime Nostalgia Facility UK" blog, Carlo Bernhardi.   Here you will find examples of media many anime fans had access to before the days of the internet, where networking with pen-pals and tape-trading was the only real way to access the latest animated shows from Japan. Many clips and samples are showcased the way they were back in the days of VHS - generational wear and all!   -   This channel would like to dedicate itself to two pioneers that heavily influenced Carlo's fascination with Japanese popular culture: Toren Smith and Carl Macek. Your choices inspired a whole generation (even outside of the U.S.) to fall in love with the pictorial image and animated visuals from Japan.   -   ARCHIVE RESOURCES FROM THE COLLECTION OF: Carlo Ruben Miguel Bernhardi   -   CHANNEL RUN BY: Martin Brown   -   注: 日本のユーザーは、より多くのコンテンツを取得するために VPN を使用してください.]

[NOTES: In committing my words, and memories to the Web (the Internet), in the hope that my own legacy, elevates the pioneers that influenced the Anime Fandom in the UK, in a fact based record, that educates and entertains, as I battle terminal cancer. That will spark a conversation, of wonder, or nostalgia!]

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