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Monday 14 February 2022

November 1990 Pt. 7 Manga (new release)

 GUNHED (Gun Unit/Heavy Elimination Device).  Written and illustrated by Kia Asamiya, English translation published monthly by Viz Comics in their "Viz Select Comics" range, split into 3 issues running from November 1990 to March 1991  And Colourised.  

First published in  .?  by ? (see Japanese print).

(Gun Unit/Heavy Elimination Device).

Advertisement for Issue ONE, November 1990.

Advertisement for the TPB, October 1991.

Issues 1 to 3.

 Issue ONE, November 1990.

Issue TWO, January 1991.

Issue THREE, March 1991.

GunHeD Live action movie 1989.

[NOTE: Nippon Film Collection, uploaded the English Dub Movie to the "Internet Archive" a independent nonprofit organization.  (as of August 2022).]

GUNHED (JUNE 15TH. 1994).

GUNHED (JUNE 15TH. 1994).

GUNHED (JUNE 15TH. 1994).

[NOTE: Moving into the future, that would be June of 1994 "Manga Video" would release GunHed on VHS (Pal).]

(Back in the early 90's I was able to locate enough details for a London company to be able to import the Trade Paper Back\Graphic novel for myself, having taken a shine to the story and the film)

[NOTE: a PC Engine video game, took the name "GUNHED" for a vertical shooter (that has very good reviews), but has no relation to the story of the Film or the manga.  But has always been a good talking point when talking to gamers, when you tell them about the film, and how it is like a video game going UP levels.]

[NOTE: I  wrote a review about "GUNHED" THE MOVIE, for Helen MacCarthey's 'ANIME UK'  Newsletter issue 2, that was published in October of 1990, as well as a brief summary of the PC-Engine shoot-em-up video game of the same name,  (the fan newsletter had a circulation of about 25 subscribers\readers in the UK, at the time it was produced.]

[NOTE: As of August 2022 I now have reacquired the "GunHeD"  PC Engine video game, at a cost of £77.00 not bad for a Hu-Card game made in 1989. (Yen 5,800 when NEW)]

[NOTE: Scale model kits, have been produced over the years, and at this time of writing (November 2022 - their is a Pre-Order for ONE such 1/35 scale model kit.]


Estimated Delivery: MID 06/2023


23 years after the release of the 1989 tokusatsu movie GUNHED, the transformable armoured mecha deployed by the allied powers in the robotic war against the autonomous AI Kyron-5, GUNHED, is finally joining Kotobukiya's plastic model lineup! 

This definitive version is made with modern model kit techniques, with supervision and materials by tokusatsu director Koichi Kawakita.

By swapping out parts, GUNHED can transform between Tank Mode and Standing Mode. In addition to being able to stand on its own in Standing Mode, it can also be displayed in Pid Mode to recreate the iconic scene from the movie. The unit number to recreate GUNHED 507 from the movie and other markings are included as decals. Fuel tanks and barrels of vintage whiskey can be attached to the legs just like in the movie, and users can also remove the 20mm chain gun to recreate the movie's climactic ending. Enjoy assembling this meticulously crafted GUNHED by adding it to your collection today!

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