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Thursday 23 July 2020

October 1990 Pt. 9 Manga round-up

October's Manga overview and round-up.

We still had quite a few on-going Manga comic-books and Anime based comic-books that could be still found “On the racks” in October of 1990, such as:-

#25\26 of 'AKIRA' (1-38)
 from Epic Comics.

#39 of 'Lone Wolf and Cub' (1-40)
from First comics,

#22 of Outlanders. (1-33)
from Dark Horse Comics.

#4 Black Magic (1 – 4)
#1 Lost Continent (1-6)
from Eclipse Comics

#9 of COBRA (1-12)
#3 of Crying Freeman: Part Two (1-9)
#8 of HOROBI: Part One (1-8)
#4 of 2001 Nights (1 – 10)
from Viz Comics.

Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels:

Hotel Harbour View (GN) 
– a one off \stand-a-lone printing

Crying Freeman
 – Portrait of a killer Vol 1. (GN)

[Note: You still had comics inspired by Anime & manga]

#4 of Lensman: Galactic Patrol
#11 of 'Leiji Matsumoto's Captain Harlock',
#16 of 'Robotech II – The Sentinels Book One'
from Eternity Comics.

 #4 Dirty Pair III
from Eclipse Comics

Dirty Pair Book 3 – A plague of Angels (GN) 
-Adam Warren & Toren Smith  
from Eclipse Comics.

[NOTE: all images are taken from my own manga collection, that is still ongoing.]

[NOTE: it is quite difficult to date AKIRA by month, as each issue only has the Year, and finding other reliable sources to cross reference is very hard.]

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