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Thursday, 30 April 2020

September 1990 Pt. 3 Mangajin Magazine

Mangajin Magazine

Consisting of 72 pages (not including front & back covers), with a Cover price of $4.50. Mangajin was Distributed by KINOKUNIYA BOOKSTORES (in the U.S.) & was available in Japan through SEKAI SHUPPAN KENKYU CENTRE (Tokyo)
Issue Volume 1 #3 Printed September 1990.

Editor & Publisher Vaughan Paul Simmons (Based in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.)

This is the start of the monthly Print run of 10 magazines per year.  The magazine was aimed at helping those interested in the Japanese language, studying both its politeness and slang, alongside what business tourists who may want to add to their understanding.

I have only included a few samples of what you would find within the pages of Mangajin from my own view as someone that appreciates all aspects Japanese manga, in the hope it will spark a search for knowledge in you the reader...

The Cover

Contents page
[just look at the variety of subjects].



 Ask Mangjin
"Send your Questions to:"

The World of Japanese comics
MANGA! MANGA! By Frederik L. Schodt .
[You all sould find a copy and read this!]

 What's Michael
(manga by Kobayashi Makoto).

 Pocket Story
(manga by Mori Masayuki).

(manga by Nakazaki Tatsuya).

 Bravo Theater
(manga\Political Cartoon by Goda Yoshiie).

 Dai-Tōkyō Binbō Seikatsu Manyuaru
(manga by Maekwa Tsukasa).
[Manual for Cheap Living in Greater Tokyo].

A List of VIZ COMICS (English Flipped Translated manga).
[as of September 1990, and those Back issues still available].

 An Ad. for "Lost Continent"
(a six part manga by Akihiro Yamada)
[possibly the last of the Japanese comics published by Eclipse International in collaboration with Studio Proteus].

[What's coming up in the next issue].

The company's headquarters are located at Pemberton Place
(named in honor of John Pemberton, the inventor of Coca-Cola),
in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
[So a local supporter of MangaJin].

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