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Monday 18 March 2019

August 1990 Pt.5 Protoculture Addicts No. 8

 Protoculture Addicts No. 8 August 1990 - The Dangaio & Gunbuster issue (Summer 1990)

Protoculture Addicts – The Official Robotech (TM). Fan Magazine (36 pages) Published quarterly by, Ianus Publications, based in Montreal, Québec province, Canada - ISSN 0835-9563 $2.95 CAN $2.50 US
[NOTE: at the time of publishing Back issues: Issues #2 and #3 were  OUT OF PRINT.]

[NOTE: the years have not been kind to the paper, darkening to a brown colour.]

This is only a snapshot of this little magazine with a big heart!

This Issue focuses on Dangaio & Gunbuster, Dirty Pair Designs, Mekton RPG, Short story.
The regular features such  as “The voice of the Freedom Fighters” (the Fan letters page);
Editorial, By JC & AD (Jean Carrieres & Alain Dubreull);

The Shaping of Protoculture; Our Subscription service; Clubs: fan clubs addresses, and “It's dead Jim's Clubs  [deceased fan clubs] 
Pen Pals [out of the 6 pen-pals printed, yours truly Carlo Bernhardi form England was one!]; 

FANIMANGA (had articles on Mekton II RPG: Macross to Mekton Mecha conversion)

Dirty Pair Designs - “A Plague of Angels” Artwork by Adam Warren,

Special Dangaio & Gunbuster U.S Renditions' Robert Napton & David Riddick Interview.
[NOTE: I may review this or summarize the interview if there is demand for it.]

The Art of Dangaio & The Art of Gunbuster

NEWS AND REVIEWS: Animation, Anime for sale, Conventions, Translated Manga,
[Protoculture Addicts had moved to a bigger Office, and hoped to be Bi-monthly in February of 1991]; 
Mangactuality (the expected manga and manga-like [English] publications for July, August, and September)

Front cover - Noriko Takaya & Gunbuster

Back issues.


Contents Page

Editorial Page.

Fan Art

'Black magic (1-4) Spring 1990

Back cover Ad.

Dangaio & Gunbuster (VHS NTSC tapes 1 episode each) published by U.S Renditions.

[NOTE: I can not do justice of how important 'Protoculture Addicts' was in informing fans and creating a sense of community in the era before the Internet's World Wide Web, and its modern Social media!]

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