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Monday 22 October 2018

july-1990-pt10 Animage Magazine

This is the last example I have of this Japanese Anime magazine that I will use as an introduction to show you the contents and style through a set of photos of this Magazine titled  “Animage”.

[NOTE: Little did I know at the time that the issues from the 1980's published Hayao Miyazaki's seminal work, the serialized manga of  'Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind', that would then give him the freedom to direct his own Animated feature. Having a working relationship with the Editor of Animage Toshio Suzuki, was also a great help to Hayao Miyazaki.]

Animage Published monthly by Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd. Consisting of 212 pages (including the front & back covers). #7 July 1990 ( Volume 157).

Just look when you get to the contents page (page  25).

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