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Monday 22 January 2018

Blog update 85

Blog update 85 or a retrospective on 2017's work.

I was a little bit distracted ( See Below) with collecting and cataloguing in 2017; cataloguing the Flipped Manga comic-books from 1987 to the early 90's; with some of these replace lost or sold copies that I had at the time, or just to get examples ready for the coming years of blogging (as I thought that this would save time in the long run!). As the UK Anime Fandom and the Retail industry are in their infancy from the early 90's to the mid 90's, my task only gets bigger, as the “Explosion” of Anime takes off, my collection of Retail paraphernalia, and that of early Anime conventions dwarf that of my Japanese Anime magazines (well my NewTypes end after 95).

So to2018 and its depiction of 1990 and 1991, before the Old Guard all gets dementia, and before the new generation of Fans can not avert their eyes from Video clips to find and explore the past.

THANKS for scrolling down this far....
Even from these Thumbnails the cover art leaps out at you!

[The collection of Covers; and Editor's notes; letters page; as well as Adverts of the time will help give insight and put down the chronological facts.]

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