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Tuesday 24 May 2016

May 1990 Pt.2a Special Correspondence

Special Correspondence.

It was not my intention to mimic the speed of witch information travelled in the 80's and 90's, with Newsletters, Fanzines, Magazines, and Journals, that only took a few months to make there way across from North America and Canada to the UK (as so much printed martial was Bi-monthly\Trimonthly), it was also the age of Letter writing by post to other Fans and Businesses.

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Taking the addresses that the Japanese Embassy had given me I must have sent out a couple of Letters, and now years later (about 25 or so) I find to my astonishment a reply from KODANSHA Ltd.

  Not only was this a reply from Japan's big publishing house KODANSHA Ltd, in relation to my inquiries about the animated feature film AKIRA, but a reply from Ken Tsunoda (Associate Producer of the AKIRA Committee).No doubt fuelled by my love of the manga AKIRA by Katsuhiro Otomo.
Sometimes we make our own unique mementos, with little thought of the future, having at the time only a thrust for knowledge.

[NOTE: May 7th.1990 “in the near future, you can see the movie AKIRA,” - “in English theather”, it would be London a première January 25th. 1991 and then the rest of the UK – Edinburgh April 24th. - 27th. - May 16th. - 17th. Leicester]

[NOTE: That as of 24/05/2016, I have as yet to find more details on Channel 4's ' The Media Show' introduction to Japanese comics and animation in and around June or July of 1990.]

[NOTE: I did get the VHS video of the 'AKIRA Production Report' from the American distributor of the AKIRA movie STREANLINE PICTURES, but that is for another time.]

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