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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

March 1990 Pt.2 Animedia Magazine

The Second example I will use to briefly show you the contents and style in this short pictorial introduction of the Japanese Anime Magazine “Animedia”.

Animedia - First Published in July 1981 by Gakken Co., Ltd. Consisting of 138 pages (including the front & back covers), #3 March 1990 (No 105).

 Front cover Noa Izumi from Patlalor.

Not being able myself to translate the Japanese details of the contents of this magazine, what you get is solely from the few English words and the recognizable animation stills, and illustrations\artwork, and that just suited me just fine back in the 1990's. This was my monthly news on Anime.On the whole it does look like Animedia focuses on TV shows.
Gdleen OVA  (Back cover advert).

[Note: After calculating from from Issue number 1 (July 1981) and back from Issue number 200 (Feb 1998) I found that March 1990 is issue number 105.]

 Types of pages.

More style and colour.

Like all Anime magazines of this time the paper size and type varied in quality and size, with glossy full colour, matt full colour, Black and white print, and sepia colour print on white background to Black on a greyish blue background.

 Different colour printing.

 Oh!  Look OVAs.

You could always find the obligatory Anime poster, Animedia's take on this freebie is not a single-sided movie size poster but two 1\4 sized posters, one 1\2 poster, and one full sized poster when fully unfolded.

Some of the main featured articles on TV shows ; Patlabor: The TV Series, Nadia:The Secret of Blue Water, and Dragon Ball Z. 

Well I did say it was a short pictorial introduction.

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