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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

About this Blog.

This is the penultimate post before number 50, having started in June of 2013 (wish me luck with more of this endeavour)!

Much of my free time is spent taking photos to record what is left of my collection of mainly 80's and 90's Anime and manga memorabilia, and cataloguing them. So far I have spent many hours photographing and cropping, and dating, and for me, and I hope you the reader I find Chronology is very important, given that these memoirs I am blogging about are 24 to 27 years ago making a factual calendar of events, publications, and Fandom life!

That is one of the many reasons for the haphazard posting each month (I am working behind the scenes.) of a minimum of four post per month, add to this the “Gallery Page” & “Collections Page” & “Video Room” uploads, and it would seem to me like having a part-time job right after I finish my full-time work!

[Note: Using the simple tool of the Date\ calendar on my computer, has been a great help when it has looked like a year either side, but matching the day and its date, and the year confirm the time stamp precisely.]

April\May 2014 I was looking back at February and March in the most part. Cross referencing adverts for comic-books from Magazines, comic-books, and Fanzines has taken its time, and a little bit distracting as well. Looking in to “Animag” the US (anime & manga) magazine for its publication date, as well as the America Anime & Manga Club “Summer Side” newsletter.

My hope in retrospect though this online diary of yesteryear is that you are able to get a good idea of what it was like or at least an overview of what influenced the UK Anime & Manga Fandom that formed in 1990. 

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