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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Manga in the 80's Pt. 3

“Area 88”, Is so much more than “Top Gun”, so don't dismiss it as a War comic-book, or just a Jet fighter action comic-book, you will find the Story and Art are done by Kaoru Shintani (who's Japanese serialization started back in 1978) was first republished in May 1987 by Eclipse International\Viz Comics as a Biweekly (of the possible 172 Issues it was cancelled at 42).

What you do find is comic-book storytelling from the passion of one man, as you follow Shin Kazama a Jet fighter pilot in a mercenary force, willing to risk his life for the money! 
The money to buy himself out, having been conned in to being a Merc. by his friend from aviation school (shin was top of his class, and going out with daughter of an Airline magnate) who was jealous!

You soon find out that Shin's 3 year contract has a price to buy-out of at $1.5 million, the trouble is will he live that long to fly all those Missions, will the constant repairs to aircraft diminish his hopes (hopes of going home, and seeing the girl he loves), or will the endless battles turn him in to a heartless killer as he becomes the ace pilot of the mercenary force, and only the thrill of life is combat?! 
Avionic action, comedic moments, tragedy, and romance, have found a good home hear.

[1987 was when comic-book companies started to take the risk of translating manga form Japan, and republishing it in a familiar format for the West.]

[Shin has greatness shoved upon him, as an unforeseen and reluctant Hero, this is a reoccurring theme in Japanese storytelling.]

[AREA88 is well known in Japan, with 2 Anime series (1985 & 2005) and a theatrical film.]

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