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Thursday, 18 April 2019

August 1990 Pt.6 Manga Round-up

NEW this month (August 1990).

#1 of Crying Freeman: Part Two (1-9)
from Viz Comics.

Crying Freeman. Written by Kazuo Koike and illustrated by Ryoichi Ikegami . Viz Comics published in a monthly format broken down in to 5 parts with a total of 46 issues, from October 1989 to September 1993 . The manga was originally published between 1985 and 1989 by Shoakukan inc.

[Little did I know when writing and uploading this, that the sad news of  Kazuo Koike had passed away. May 8, 1936 – April 17, 2019.]

Manga Round-up \ overview

We still had a few on-going Manga comic-books and Anime based comic-books that could be still found “On the racks” in August of 1990, such as:-

#24 of 'AKIRA' (1-38)
from Epic comics.

#38 of 'Lone Wolf and Cub' (1-40)
from First comics.

#20 of Outlanders. (1-33)
from Dark Horse Comics.

#3 Black Magic (1 – 4)
from Eclipse Comics

#7 of COBRA (1-12)
#6 of HOROBI: Part One (1-6)
#2 of 2001 Nights (1 – 10)
from Viz Comics.




What's Michael? (Book 2)
Appleseed Book #1
Appleseed Book #2
Dirty Pair – Biohazards
from Eclipse Comics

Shion – Blade of the Minstral (GN)
LUM Vol #1
The Legend of Kamui – the Island of Sugaru #1
from Viz Comics.

You still had on the shelves 
#10 of Lensman
#5 of Lensman: Galatic Patrol
#10 of 'Leiji Matsumoto's Captain Harlock',
#15 of 'Robotech II – The Sentinals Book One'
from Eternity Comics.

#3 Dirty Pair III
from Eclipse Comics

[Note: as the printing and overseas delivery were not always every month.]

Monday, 18 March 2019

August 1990 Pt.5 Protoculture Addicts No. 8

 Protoculture Addicts No. 8 August 1990 - The Dangaio & Gunbuster issue (Summer 1990)

Protoculture Addicts – The Official Robotech (TM). Fan Magazine (36 pages) Published quarterly by, Ianus Publications, based in Montreal, Québec province, Canada - ISSN 0835-9563 $2.95 CAN $2.50 US
[NOTE: at the time of publishing Back issues: Issues #2 and #3 were  OUT OF PRINT.]

[NOTE: the years have not been kind to the paper, darkening to a brown colour.]

This is only a snapshot of this little magazine with a big heart!

This Issue focuses on Dangaio & Gunbuster, Dirty Pair Designs, Mekton RPG, Short story.
The regular features such  as “The voice of the Freedom Fighters” (the Fan letters page);
Editorial, By JC & AD (Jean Carrieres & Alain Dubreull);

The Shaping of Protoculture; Our Subscription service; Clubs: fan clubs addresses, and “It's dead Jim's Clubs  [deceased fan clubs] 
Pen Pals [out of the 6 pen-pals printed, yours truly Carlo Bernhardi form England was one!]; 

FANIMANGA (had articles on Mekton II RPG: Macross to Mekton Mecha conversion)

Dirty Pair Designs - “A Plague of Angels” Artwork by Adam Warren,

Special Dangaio & Gunbuster U.S Renditions' Robert Napton & David Riddick Interview.
[NOTE: I may review this or summarize the interview if there is demand for it.]

The Art of Dangaio & The Art of Gunbuster

NEWS AND REVIEWS: Animation, Anime for sale, Conventions, Translated Manga,
[Protoculture Addicts had moved to a bigger Office, and hoped to be Bi-monthly in February of 1991]; 
Mangactuality (the expected manga and manga-like [English] publications for July, August, and September)

Front cover - Noriko Takaya & Gunbuster

Back issues.


Contents Page

Editorial Page.

Fan Art

'Black magic (1-4) Spring 1990

Back cover Ad.

Dangaio & Gunbuster (VHS NTSC tapes 1 episode each) published by U.S Renditions.

[NOTE: I can not do justice of how important 'Protoculture Addicts' was in informing fans and creating a sense of community in the era before the Internet's World Wide Web, and its modern Social media!]

Saturday, 16 March 2019

August 1990 Pt. 4 Mangajin Magazine

Mangajin Magazine 
Consisting of 80 pages (not including front & back covers), with a Cover price of $4.50. Mangajin was Distributed by KINOKUNIYA BOOKSTORES (in the U.S.) & was available in Japan through SEKAI SHUPPAN KENKYU CENTRE (Tokyo) Issue Volume 1 #2 Printed August 1990, the start of print run of 1990. Last issue published Volume 7 #70 November\December 1997. Mangajin was published 10 times a year, Monthly except for January and July each year.
Editor & Publisher Vaughan Paul Simmons (Based in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.)

This is the start of the monthly Print run of 10 magazines per year.  The magazine was aimed at helping those interested in the Japanese language, studying both its politeness and slang, alongside what business tourists who may want to add to their understanding.

I have only included a few samples of what you would find within the pages of Mangajin from my own view as someone that appreciates all aspects Japanese manga, in the hope it will spark a search for knowledge in you the reader.

Front cover 

 Editorial (Vaughan P Simmons) 
& Ads.  

Contents Page

 Ask Mangajin; Send your Questions to

Questionnaire\Reader's Survey
(this can be read at the end of this post)

 Feature Story; Kanji, Kana & Brand Imeji

 VIZ comics – Volumes of Trade paperbacks of Translated Manga
Nausicca, of the valley of wind
MAI, The Psychic Girl
LUM – Urusei Yatsura

 The Politeness Levels
 Pronunciation Guide

 About books  

 About books  

 About books:  Japanese words & their uses.  

 Vocabulary Summary
 Japan Travel Service, INC.

 “What's Michael” By Makoto Kobayashi

 “Jimi-Hen” By Nakazaki Tatsuya

 “Tanaka-Kun” By Tanaka Hiroshi

 “Hotel” By  Ishinomori Shotaro

Coca-Cola in AtlantaGeorgia 
(the same City that Mangajin was created in.)

[NOTE: the following is the text taken from the replies to the first issue's questionnaire, and I think it is worth reading, and preserving. ] 

Feedback from a total of 147 people.
From  June to July of 1990 - questionnaire;

Reader's Survey

Q1. In my study of the Japanese langue I consider myself to be:

#of responses
Beginner         1       26
        2       14
Intermediate 3       8
        4       26
5 22
Advanced 6 17
7 7
(Teacher 20

Q2. Please indicate the features or manga from Mangajin which you like.

#of responses
Q&A Column 73
Feature Story 68
Sushi Primer 84
Basic Japanese 96
Book Reviews 81
Puzzlegram 45

Tanaka-kun 69
Assari-kun 55
Bravo Theater 55
What's Michael 78

Q3. Next, please indicate the features or manga from Mangajin which you did not like.

#of responses
Q&A Column 2
Feature Story 3
Sushi Primer 4
Basic Japanese 5
Book Reviews 9
Puzzlegram 25

Tanaka-kun 5
Assari-kun 9
Bravo Theater 5
What's Michael 11
Hotel 8

Q4. What kind of features, stories or articles would you like to see in Mangajin?


More on Japanese religion, especially popular forms of religion.

An article on availability of video tapes - both feature films and documentaries in Japanese.

Japanese attitudes towards Americans

Any kind that continue to show the uniqueness that several of your first issue articles have;
For example, the "Titles in Translation" is the first article I have see (in English) on the subject.
Many publications meant for Japanese language students seem to all cover the same subjects over and over. Yours seems to be designed to be different. Good for you!

Emphasis on business conversation.

Stories about Japanese-American relations, both country perspective and personal.

Business etiquette and conversation.

Song translations, maybe a poem every now and then.

More history and/or cultural articles, how do westerners cope with cultural shock (if any) when living for a long time in japan.

Stories which help to understand Japanese etiquette/human relations.

More female characters like Sazae-san, also politically critical manga.

Developments in Japanese film industry (especially animation), and feature on Akira Kurosawa would be really great.

Cassette tapes with this publication would be be extremely useful.

Book review of recent literature.

I have lived in Japan so the basic "this is Japan" kind of articles are boring. 
Perhaps articles on what Gaijin in Japan find strange (riding Tokyo trains, the Office life, relationships) would be good.

Articles about slang and levels of language usage.

Japanese cooking;
U.S. Japan relations - describing or discussing the political trends/current news.

Entertaining Japanese guests, playing with japanese infants & toddlers (baby talk/kiddie talk).

Type of music, books liked in Japan; Fashion; computers.

Information on use and construction of Japanese verbs, maybe a section of Kanji learning.

More about authors of Manga, the popularity of Manga in Japan and what type of people read what type of Manga. 

More political cartoons - _ I never get the point.

Japan as seen by the traveler from abroad and the traveler as viewed by the Japanese.

Pop Music, news from Japan.

Japanese film reviews.

Articles by people who have life in Japan.

A regular feature on medium to advanced grammar topics.

Work/Office culture related manga; cultural events/ceremonies with new (special) vocabulary (shrines, etc).

Japanese cultural, both "pop" and "high" movies, literature, plays, poetry, etc.

More comedy.

Some family situations or daily situations (not business) - manga on the order of Tora-san movies. 

[NOTE: Otoko wa Tsurai yo is a Japanese film series starring Kiyoshi Atsumi as Tora-san, a kind-hearted vagabond who is always unlucky in love. The series itself is often referred to as "Tora-san" by its fans.]

Q5. What type of manga would you like to see?
#of responses
Business/Economics related 58
Science Fiction 45
Sports         26
Golf            2
Baseball            5
Sumo    2
Martial Arts    3
Historical         61
Contemporary Fiction 59
Romantic         23

(mentions of specific titles were very mixed, and no patterns emerged)

Q6. Any other comments?

I think a lot of foreigners want to learn Japanese from manga. 
Yours is the only publication I have seen that explains the words in their context. Keep up the good work.

Congratulations on a well made and much needed publication!  Mangajin finally fills a void that has been empty too long.  Keep it up!

Great as it is - more humour would be nice.

I love the magazine!  I think it is a wonderful idea for people trying to learn the japanese language. 
I would also like to see it (in a small way,perhaps) teach customs and their origins. 
(Although the comics serve this purpose to a great extent for the modern culture.)

I particularly appreciate the discussion of different levels and differences between the language of men and women.

I think it is a very good idea, why didn't you do this earlier! 

This was the magazine I was hoping to find. Maybe a periodic audio-cassette would be nice.

I love this book, what a great idea!  Now I will be able to say things as Japanese people do, and not just like the books!
 The first issue was great fun to read! 

Very impressed. Titbits on basic Japanese culture and entomology can be utilized in classes.
Manga themselves are informative and entertaining.
Will encourage my students to subscribe.

What a wonderful publication!  I like the colloquial tone - your translations of slag are  great.  
Best wishes for all success!

This is great and much needed - you ought to have a big following soon, but why is the female character in 'What's michael' referred to as "young woman" on page 36 and "girl" elsewhere?
Either she's over 16 or she's not.

I wish you would publish more often.

A first-rate publication!  Great for learners at all levels.  I will spread the word.

I have been looking for a publication like this for a long time.  This is great!
It makes learning fun and painless.  I am frequently baffled by manga Japanese and Japanese humor. 
This publication gives clear explanations of both and was great fun to read.

If this first issue of Mangajin will be typical of future issues, then this is a real find.

Anything which deals with contemporary social issues, but especially woman's roles including mothering, working, marriage, aging.  
Anything available on "Oyaji-gal".  Also, perhaps on role conflict men are feeling with work/family conflicts.

Japanese was never so much fun"  First magazine I enjoyed enough to subscribe. Outstanding!

[NOTE: By the late 90's Mangajin had ceased being published, it did have a presence on the Internet, sadly that too is now in the past - using the Internet's Archive Way-back machine you can discover the WASABI BROTHERS Trading Company run by....]

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

August 1990 Pt.3 Anime V magazine.

'Anime V' (New Video Magazine.), Published by Gakken Co., Ltd. (学習研究社) Consisting of 140 pages (including the front & back covers), #8 August 1990 (Vol. 56) Priced at 500 Yen.

Once again we see this little magazine, packed full of colour pages of the latest OVA's (Original Video Animation), be they on Video Cassette or Laser Disk, new original releases or older Anime.

What follows is a brief pictorial snapshot to illustrate the style and contents, aimed at a more mature reader.

Reminder: Anime V's contents covers Anime that is not always suitable for children.

  #8 August 1990 (Vol. 56)  

The Hakkenden


 Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors)


 And now  the contents page 

Burn-Up  (released in 1991?)

SD Gundam

 Gall Force 2

 Gall Force 2



 Iczer 3

Record of Lodoss war 

Dragon Fist

 Mado King Grandzort?

A-KO the Vs (Battle 2 Blue Side).


AD Police File 2


Sonic Soldier Borgman - Lover's Rain OVA.

Sonic Soldier Borgman - Lover's Rain OVA.

? Collage

Exper Zenon
by Yuji MORIYAMA (?)

Exper Zenon
by Yuji MORIYAMA (?)

For the home market, New Releases and coming soon. 

The NEW Items for August (May - June and beyond) 1990 

The NEW Items for August (May - June and beyond) 1990 

The NEW Items for August (May - June and beyond) 1990 

The NEW Items for August (May - June and beyond) 1990 

The NEW Items for August (May - June and beyond) 1990 

The NEW Items for August (May - June and beyond) 1990 

Hay, Look after your TV..!

Next month's  Anime V (New Video Magazine).

Deedlit from Record of Lodoss war.

 A-KO the Vs (Battle 2 Blue Side),
Lemon Angle (parts 1 & 2)

Fan Art work

Gall Force 2,
Iczer 3 


and Sold by Toshiba EMI;

Kimagure Orange Road;  "Stage of Love=Heart on Fire! Spring is for Idols"
An ad. for 'Armored Trooper VOTOMS' 

Kimagure Orange Road; "Stage of Love=Heart on Fire! Spring is for Idols"


Lupin the III (Part 3);
Kimagure Orange Road
Hudson soft (CD-ROM Digital Comic) Urusei Yatsura - Stay with you

Shuten Doji 

Mature OVAs.

From a sealed 8 page section at the back of 'Anime V' that would belong on the top shelf.