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Saturday, 28 April 2018

July 1990 Pt.9 Manga Round-up overview

We still had a few on-going Manga comic-books and Anime based comic-books that still could be found “On the racks” in your local independent Comic-Book shop or store, in July of 1990.  
Such as:-

#22 of 'AKIRA' (1-38)

#35 of 'Lone Wolf and Cub' (1-40)
from First comics,

#19of Outlanders. (1-33)
from Dark Horse Comics.

#1 of 2001 Nights (1-10)
#6 of COBRA (1-12)
#8 of 'Baoh', (End of 1-8)
#5 of HOROBI: Part One (1-6)
from Viz Comics.


The Legend of Kamui – the Island of Sugaru #1
from Viz Comics.


What's Michael?
Appleseed Book #1
Dirty Pair – Biohazards
from Eclipse Comics

LUM Vol #1
The Legend of Kamui – the Island of Sugaru 1 of 2.
from Viz Comics.

[Note: You still had Issues of Lensman (now Galactic Patrol #1 July 1990 (1-5) , 'Leiji Matsumoto's Captain Harlock', 'Robotech II – The Sentinels Book One'  (1-16), Robotech II The Sentinels The Malcontent Uprisings (1-12)  from Eternity Comics. on the shelves as the printing and overseas delivery were not always every month.]

[Note: Was there any more issues of Shuriken Cold Steel after  issues 1 to 6 by Reggie Byers & Neil Vokes (Kyoko Shidara ?) that finished in February of 1990 from Eternity Comics?]

Friday, 27 April 2018

July 1990 Pt.8 Manga (new releases)

2001 Nights. Written and illustrated by Yukinobu Hoshino. This flipped manga ran in 10 monthly issues from July 1990 to May 1991, and was published in North America by Viz Comics (now Viz Media). English adaptation by Fred Burke & Matt Thorn. Originally serialised in 'Super Action' Monthly in June of 1984, owned by Futabasha Inc. and later collected into 3 volumes and printed in '85 to '86.

As you can see '2001 Nights' made the front cover of the well known catalogue 'Advanced Comics', this would have been seen by every independent comic-book shop owner in America, Canada, and those in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, as well as their keen devotees that ordered comic-books, this must have helped to bring people's attention to the small niche publisher Viz Comics (now Viz Media), and an unknown writer and illustrator Yukinobu Hoshino I would think!

2001 Nights is a collection of short stories that focus on mankind's future exploration of space, using this framework to analyse how theories, and models mite be played out when the human-race venture out in to the deep black space of stars. Looking back I must have found VIZ's Tag-lines quite compelling “A space adventure for our generation...” & “where science collides with man's dreams of space conquest...” “ Yukinobu Hoshino's Masterpiece of Science Fiction comics!”, but with only having Issues 2. and 10. form this short run of 10 translated manga by Yukinobu Hoshino in my collection.

As I've hinted before US comic-book imports to UK comic-book shops were a bit hit and miss, as manga was such a small percent of what they would order, and not fully knowing British readers trends and consciousnesses. 

A new manga title could fly-off the shelves, or not get on to the shelves at all. It was such a small part of American imports!

I was thus compelled to dig a little deeper into this unusual example of Science Fiction defined by its intensity on scientific accuracy known as 'Hard SF', and of its author Yukinobu Hoshino, so off down the rabbit hole I went, the World Wide Web and its Internet let you tumble on down to a wealth of information (barely imagined back in the 1990's), that's not always directly connected, but gives you a spring-board to indulge your curiosity.

Three days later! With my own paper-based records, and a multitude of Web sources I was able to add to my Notes (see bellow) on English examples of Yukinobu Hoshino's work having been so impressed by '2001 Nights' I felt so obligated to find and share as much as I could.

The 19 short stories are a must see for their art style and for their insight, and philosophy of mankind's journey into the sea of stars. Search out Hoshino's earlier SF work 'Saber Tiger', and you may well find the odd issue of '2001 Nights' at a comic-book fair\market and out there in the internet, and I can point you to Dark Horse Comics' printing of 'The Two Faces of Tomorrow' as an accessible example for your Manga shelf or next to your SF novels, and I'll leave you with this quote from the respected Jonathan Clements on Hoshino. - “Japan’s mastermind of historical SF”.

[NOTE: other English adaptations of Yukinobu Hoshino's manga in published that you can look out for include; Saber Tiger (Science Fiction) published in North America by Viz Comics, in May of 1991 under their 'Viz Spectrum Edition' series of trade paperbacks as a one-off (this was an earlier work from 1980); The Two Faces of Tomorrow (Science Fiction) published in North America by Dark Horse Comics in 1997, and as a trade paperback in 2006 (originally published in Japan in 1993) an adaptation of the Science Fiction novel by James P Hogan; Professor Munakata’s British Museum Adventure (Modern day - Detective) published in United Kingdom by British Museum Press in October of 2011. A one-off trade paperback of a much larger Japanese serialisation.]

[NOTE: to this date (2018) 2 animated adaptations of Hoshino's '2001 Nights' manga have been produced; Space Fantasia 2001 Nights in 1987 directed by Yoshio Takeuchi ; T.O. - Elliptical Orbit & Symbiotic Planet in 2009 directed by Fumihiko Sori. UK release date September 2011.]

Issue 10 May 1991 (final issue).

[NOTE: Viz Comics (now Viz Media) reprinted 2001 Nights in a Deluxe Hardcover in January of 1996 priced at $21.95, and by June\July of 1996 3 Softcover volumes were printed entitled; 2001 NIGHTS, and 2001 NIGHTS: Journey Beyond Tomorrow and 2001 NIGHTS: Children of Earth. Each volume was priced at $16.95.]

Issue 10 May 1991 back cover (final issue).

[NOTE: English Viz Comics story titles - Issue #1;Night 1: "Earthglow", Night 2: "Sea of Fertility", Night 3: "Maelstrom III", Night 4: "Posterity"; Issue #2 Night 5: "Rendezvous", Night 6: "Discovery", (page 21 – 40), Night 7: "Lucifer Rising-part 1"; Issue #3 Night 7: "Lucifer Rising-part 2"; Issue #4 Night 8: "The Lights of Heaven", Night 9: "Journey Beyond Tomorrow part 1: I Am Rocket, part 2: A Gift From Earth" ; Issue #5 Night 10: "Medusa's Throne", Night 11: "A Stranger's Footsteps" ; Issue #6 Night 12: "Symbiotic Planet", Night 13: "Final Evolution" ; Issue #7 Night 14: "Elliptical Orbit", Night 15: "An Hour's Song in a Birdless Sky"; Issue #8 Night 16: "Colony", Night 17: "So Brief, So Lasting a Love"; Issue #9 Night 18: "Odyssey in Green-part 1"; Issue #10 Night 18: "Odyssey in Green-part 2", The Final Night: "Children of Earth".] 

SABER TIGER  May 1991 (an earlier work from 1980).

That's what was new in july of 1990.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

July 1990 Pt.7 Anime-UK Newsletter

Anime-UK Newsletter (entitled Issue One)

[NOTE: as of April 2018 I can not find the Anime-UK Newsletter entitled Issue One, I do have the proto-letter that was sent out after EastCon '90 to the Anime attendees and a few supporters that all had shown an interest in Anime (June 90). As well as issue 2 that was in October, and issue 3 that was December 1990.]

So I will re-edit this page, as soon I have some concrete evidence to support the facts.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

July 1990 Pt.6 Console Ma'zine

Console Ma'zine issue 14. JULY 1990  - Edited and photocopied by Onn Lee, (Monthly).

[NOTE: The issue had 12 single-sided\photocopied pages, not double-sided printing - that may have been the technology of the day.]

July's issue may not have any reviews of anime linked games for the month, but with all the early Japanese video games consoles being imported in to the UK at that time, and with the news that the Sega Megadrive would be getting a UK release, this was just as new and exciting as the parallel of the Anime & Manga Fan scene.

Yes! It's the Front Cover.


There was a interesting report entitled 'The 16 Bit computer' (Showvictoria, London 29th of June to 1st. July) on page 7 by Marc Foord, on this verging video game market. One comparison you can make to today's market, is the cost of what was a niche hobby with the NEO GEO games system that was reduced to £395 down from £450 (that is close to £1,000 in today's money), and the games were a snip at £200 each. Well out of the reach of most twentysomethings!

Atari lynx game console's news from the USA was that there was a Arcade conversion of the popular Video Arcade game Rampage (Now a motion picture in 2018, Oh how times have changed!).

 Japanese Games, and imported video game consoles.  

[NOTE: Raven Games was a retail computer games / console company based on the outskirts of central London. We were established in 1988 starting from a simple bedroom business in Bromley Kent in the U.K selling products via mail order. There were only a few companies around at that time in the U.K who sold the same imported products as us. The PC Engine from NEC, SNK's Neo Geo and the then brand new imported Japanese Sega Megadrive were the hottest new consoles around at that time! Following successful advertising campaigns in monthly magazines such as Ace, The Games Machine and the weekly New Computer Express, Raven Games soon outgrew the small bedroom due to queues of customers at the front door most weekends! (Remember this was the days before the internet!).]

[NOTE: "purchasing power" £450 in 1990 has the same "purchasing power" as £991.89 in 2018. - £200 in 1990 has the same "purchasing power" as £440.84 in 2018. - £35 in 1990 has the same "purchasing power" as £77.15 in 2018. ]

Sunday, 25 March 2018

July 1990 Pt.5 Anime Hasshin

Anime Hasshin's 'The Rose' Volume 4 No.22 Published Bimonthly by Anime Hasshin. 20 pages $2.50 (6 for $12) Editor Lorraine Savage.

Interview with Toren Smith (Studio Proteus),
Orange Road,
Megazone 23 & Mellowlink songs,
anime in Britain

Published Bimonthly, so that is roughly 8 weeks between one issue falling from our post-box at home to the next exciting issue (being overseas, you could add a few days to the arrival).
Submissions had to arrive before the 2nd. Friday of the month (being the odd numbered month) before the next issue, Friday the 8th. June was this issue's deadline, and September 14th for the next. In addition to this the post could take 7 Business days, but more likely 2 to 3 weeks for overseas.

[NOTE: That's 80,640 minutes or 1,344 hours or about 56 days = 2 Months. How's that for an Internet speed!]

Front cover art by John Lam

Editor's Notes by Lorraine Savage

Editor's Notes by Lorraine Savage

Anime Hasshin's 'The Rose' was always eagerly awaited, and much loved whenever it arrived through the letterbox. It was a hub of information, and a big part of the Anime & Manga Pen-Pals that corresponded though it, more like a family than just a paper-based network.

 NEWS OVAs and Translated Manga and Anime releases and Anime clubs.

 NEWS OVAs and Translated Manga and Anime releases and Anime clubs.

 Part one of the Toren Smith interview by Lorraine Savage.

Amine in Britain & UK fans meet at Eastcon '90 in Liverpool by
 Carlo Bernhardi 
(One of the very few times that I am in print. 
It truly was exciting times.)

[NOTE:APA stands for Amateur Press Association a compilation of fiction, and at times help guides on art and writing by fans that is put together and printed (Before the World Wide Web, before bulletin boards, and affordable self-publishing, before Blogs) then mailed (posted) out to all those that contributed pages.]

[NOTE: “Endless Road Apa” the new APA for all things animated was started this July (1990), and looked after by Dan Kellaway being the central mailer.]  

[NOTE: Page 20's Personals Ads. featured the UK's Helen McCarthy asking “American anime fans who want British pen pals should write.” She will print your name and address in a British anime zine.]

[NOTE: contents; page 1, Front cover art by John Lam; pages 2-3, Editor's Notes by Lorraine Savage; page 4, Article on BAOH by Dan Durkin; pages 5-6, NEWS OVAs and Translated Manga and Anime releases and Anime clubs; page 7, Part one of the Toren Smith interview by Lorraine Savage; page 8, Comic review on HOROBI by Lester Swint; page 9, Manga review Alien Crash & Lucky Route Runaway by John Ott; page 10, Amine in Britain & UK fans meet at Eastcon '90 in Liverpool by Carlo Bernhardi; page 11, Review of the Orange Road Movie by Tsao Sheng-Te;

page 14, Song Lyrics – translated by Steve Chaney & Maria Mutsuko-Warner; page 15, BOOK Review – Inside the Robot Kingdom by Lorraine Savage; page 16, Mini Synopses – from the Laser Disc Trading Organisation ( ) ; page 17, Game Review – Anime: The Arcade Game by David Moisan; page 18, New Member (10) List & Membership Update (2) list; page 19, List of Fanzines & member's Birthdays; page 20, Classifieds & Personals Ads. And Clubs.]

Saturday, 17 March 2018

July 1990 Pt.4 'PC Engine Fan' Magazine

PC Engine Fan - First Published in 1988 by Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co. Consisting of 108 pages (including the front & back covers), Published Monthly #7 July 1990 (Volume 3),390 Yen.

[NOTE: The 'PC Engine Fan' magazine was part of a few Japanese magazines that concentrated exclusively the home market of the NEC's video game consoles, and was devoted to the PC Engine. A compact and superior 8bit video game console, that evolved in a modular fashion, known for its slim credit-card sized games, and what is more it would have the first console games on CD-ROM, with high quality CD audio.]  

Wow! I'd almost forgotten I had any Japanese PC Engine magazines from 1990. Not only was it that it had Cel-like artwork on the front cover, much like Anime industry, but featured many video games that were Anime tie-ins much to my delight. 

Again not being able myself to translate the Japanese details of the contents of this magazine, what you get is solely from the few English words and the identifiable artworks and illustrations of tie-ins and popular games, but looking back this was full colour, and was just as powerful as static linked web-pages showing me a wider World, as even a 1990's video gamer the NEC's PC Engine was even more niche and underground than your average Anime and Manga fan in the UK.

Cover Cel-like art from  'The Legend of A Fantasm Soldier III'.

 The Grey PC-Engine, with the Supper CD-ROM System, and Stereo add-on. 

 The Contents page (for you to translate if you like.)

'Urusei Yatsura - Stay with You',  better known as LUM
(game title to be added..!)

 Urusei Yatsura,  better known as LUM
(game title to be added..!)

 From the OVA 'Far East of Eden'.

Is this from an Anime ?

Advert for  'The Legend of A Fantasm Soldier III'
(not an Anime, but with animation Cel like artwork).

Adverts for.............??  

Adverts for  'Sol Bianca' & 'Cyber City OEDO 808'

 Adverts for  

New games Coming soon. 

 Ranma 1/2

The Back cover with an advert for ' Ghosts and Ghouls'.  
Probably the best Arcade conversion for the PC Engine next to 'Street Fighter II'.

Truly the NEC's PC Engine was even more niche and underground than your average Anime and Manga fan in the UK in the late 1980's and early 1990's, but it too had its Fandom, and those interests did overlap for many Fans.

[NOTE: I still have the first 'The Legend of A Fantasm Soldier' on CD-ROM.]

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

July 1990 Pt.3 Newtype Magazine

'Newtype' #7 July 1990. - the moving pictures magazine'. Published monthly by Kadokawa Shoten. Consisting of 180 pages (including front & back covers), 410 Yen.

Again what I have uploaded is a small percentage of July's Newtype magazine, so as to compare it with other Japanese Animation magazines of that month or year, to see its variety, and the Ads. too.

Deedlit from 'Record of Lodoss War'
and 'Back to the future 3'

It's the Contents page.

Newtype still having serialised Manga; Marionette Generation (on pages 51 - 58 (7 pages); and Yotoden (on pages 103 - 122 (19 pages)).
Five Star Stories by Mamoru Nagano.(pages 59 -63  an Article only).

'Marionette Generation' by Haruhiko Mikimoto.

'Marionette Generation' by Haruhiko Mikimoto.

'Yotoden' by Takeshi Narumi & Kenichi Ohnuki.

'Yotoden' by Takeshi Narumi & Kenichi Ohnuki.

Gundam F90 (F91?)

'Record of Lodoss War' (OVA).

'Record of Lodoss War' (OVA).

'Record of Lodoss War' (OVA).

 Summer Anime Fashion.
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.

 Summer Anime Fashion.
Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato.

Summer Anime Fashion.RG VEDA by CLAMP.

 (Left) 'Heaven and Earth' Directed by Haruki Kadokawa.

 'Heaven and Earth' Directed by Haruki Kadokawa.

A serialized novela ? (chapter 40)

Music Ads.

Music Ads.  And

 ? ? ?
Gall Force 2 & Iczer 3.

Armored Trooper VOTOMS
& 'Far East of Eden' (OVA).

 Even in the 90's japan was ahead of the West in portable technology!
and 'Yamato 2'  and 'Utsunomiko'.

It's not all Full Colour pages.... 

Fukuyama Gekijou: Natsu no Himitsu  - My Father the Mouse.

Fukuyama Gekijou: Natsu no Himitsu  - The Mysterious Fairy.

 Fukuyama Gekijou: Natsu no Himitsu  - Kuro.

Fukuyama Gekijou: Natsu no Himitsu
from the manga of Keiko Fukuyama.

 Audio-Cassette (Audio Recording Tape) Equipment.

  'Black rain' & 'BATMAN' (out on VHS)
Carol (OVA)

 D.I.Y. Model making.

"We are Gamers"
All your 8Bit Video Games

 S-VHS...... (High Tech stuff)
The Five Star Stories.

 Patlabor Model Kits (it's a Hobby!)
Animation College -


Shuten Doji (OVA) 

'Heaven and Earth' Directed by Haruki Kadokawa.

Carol (OVA)


[NOTE: Fukuyama Gekijou: Natsu no Himitsu  Was several short animated mini-stories based on the short stories and four-panel manga of Keiko Fukuyama, including My Father the Mouse, The Rabbit Brothers, Summer Secret, The Mysterious Fairy, How Very Strange, and Kuro. - Thank you Jonathan Clements.]